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How do I register to vote?

Applications for registration can be obtained from the Division of Elections, the Commissioners of Registration office in the county where you live, or from your Municipal Clerk. Registration forms are also available in various state agencies and at Division of Motor Vehicle offices and can be obtained while transacting agency business. You can also print a registration form and after entering required data, mail it to the Commissioners of Registration office in the county where you reside. In addition, this form can be used for name and address changes. The Commissioners of Registration cannot accept faxed copies or an electronic transmission of a voter registration form since an original signature is required. The registrant must download the form and send the hard copy to the Commissioners of Registration. The registration deadline to vote at the next election is 21 days prior to Election Day.

What are the dates for voter registration and elections?

The Division of Elections has posted a list of election-related dates to remember.

How do I obtain a mail in ballot?

A voter may vote by mail by completing the Application for Vote by Mail Ballot.

Where can I find election results?

Election results are available on the Division of Elections Web site.

Where do I go to vote?

The location of the voter's polling place is printed on the sample ballot mailed to each voter in the week before each election. The Division of Elections home page contains additional information for voters.