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NJ Facts

What are the state symbols?

New Jersey's state symbols are listed and explained at Hangout NJ.

Where can I find information on the state seal?

A description of the state seal is available as well as a picture.

Is there a NJ state song?

New Jersey does not have a state song.

Where can I find information on New Jersey history for a school report?

The history of New Jersey is explained at Hangout NJ. For more information see the timeline.

Can you tell me some colonial history of NJ?

Yes. The colonial history of New Jersey is explained at Hangout NJ.

Where are Revolutionary War sites located in New Jersey?

The Crossroads of the American Revolution: A Driving Guide and Map to New Jersey's Revolutionary War Trail highlights 51 sites across New Jersey where visitors can retrace the footsteps of the Continental Army and learn more about the state's pivotal role in securing America's independence. To request a copy of the driving guide, please visit any state park, forest, or historic site or call the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry at 1-800-843-6420. Text telephone users should call the NJ Relay Services at 1-800-852-7899.

When was NJ admitted into the union?

New Jersey was admitted into the union in 1787.

Is there a list of historical sites in NJ?

Yes, View a list of New Jersey's national historic sites. (*pdf) The Division of Parks and Forestry lists the addresses of historical sites that are open to the public. You can link to the Web pages of many of these historical sites as well. New Jersey Travel and Tourism provides information about historical attractions within the different regions of the states.

Where can I find population statistics?

The Census Bureau breaks down New Jersey's population statistics as recorded in Census 2000.

What are New Jersey's area codes?

New Jersey's area codes are listed by Verizon.

What are New Jersey's ZIP codes?

New Jersey's ZIP codes are listed by the town of the post office. You can also search for a ZIP code by entering the city and state on the U.S. Postal Service's ZIP code lookup.

What are the state holidays?

The dates of the state holidays are listed.