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Senior Citizens

Is there a resource to learn about all the programs designed for senior citizens?

Division of Aging Services is an online guide to programs and services offered to older persons by the State of New Jersey. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. In addition, there are many programs and services offered to senior citizens at a discount, or at no charge, by professional associations and by the private sector. Similarly, Federal Programs for Older Persons provides an overview of the various federal programs and services available to older persons.

Who is eligible for the senior property tax freeze?

The Division of Taxation explains the property tax reimbursement program.

Where can I find information regarding Social Security?

The Social Security Web site has information regarding Social Security.

How can I find out if I qualify for prescription assistance?

The Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged & Disabled (PAAD) page includes links to information about pharmaceutical assistance programs, including eligibility requirements.

Where can I find information on nursing homes?

The Department of Health has a Web page concerning long-term care. Additionally, the mission of the Division of Aging Services is to offer senior citizens and their families the greatest choice in planning long-term care needs while maintaining dignity and encouraging independence.

How do I contact Medicare?

The Medicare Web site allows you to search for helpful contacts.

How do I contact Medicaid?

The Web site provides a Contact Us page with many ways to contact Medicaid.