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A desk audit, also known as a position review request, is a petition for a review from the classification or reclassification of a position, or a complaint that the duties of a specific position do not conform to the approved job specification for the title assigned to that position. Desk audits can be done in person, by telephone interview, or by questionnaire. Desk audits are performed by CSC's staff at the request of an employee or union representative in State service, and in local service, by an employee, union representative or appointing authority. See N.J.A.C. 4A:3-3.9.

The first step in the process is to discuss the situation with your supervisor.  In some cases, classification issues are able to be resolved internally by your department’s management.  However, if the matter is unable to be resolved, a Position Classification Questionnaire should be completed. 

In State service, complete form DPF-44S. You must specify the title which you believe is appropriate to the duties you are performing, and explain how the duties at issue are more appropriate to the requested title than to the title in which you are currently serving. The questionnaire should then be submitted to your supervisor to complete and sign. Your supervisor shall forward the completed questionnaire to the program manager/division director to complete and sign.  The supervisor and program manager/division director shall complete their portions of the questionnaire and provide their signatures within 15 days of your submission of the petition to your supervisor.  By no later than the end of this period, the program manager/division director shall submit to the agency representative the completed questionnaire, along with your most recent PAR form.  Within 10 days of receipt of the petition, the agency representative shall either notify you that specific additional information is required, or forward the petition with organizational chart to the appropriate representative of the CSC.  The agency representative shall notify you of the submission to the Commission representative. 

In local service, the petition must identify the specific duties that do not conform to the specification for the title and, if the petitioner proposes a different title for the position, an explanation of how that existing title more accurately describes the duties of the position than the current or proposed title. If requested by a representative of the Commission, the petition shall also include a completed Position Classification Questionnaire (DPF-44) and an organizational chart. If the petitioner’s supervisor has not signed the questionnaire within 15 working days of receipt of the questionnaire, the petitioner may forward the questionnaire to the appropriate representative of the Commission without the supervisor's signature but with a notation of the date of presentation to the supervisor.

You can check the job description for the title you hold to see if your job duties and responsibilities match. Your duties and responsibilities should match the definition, be similar to the examples of work, and the requirements listed should match the basic minimum requirements that someone in your position would need to be successful.

In position classification determinations, the analyst compares the duties described by the employee in the position; any comments by the supervisor; and the organizational structure of the unit in which the position is located, to the information in the job specifications.

Non-competitive titles are permanent titles in the career service, where competitive testing is not required due to the nature of the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with the job or difficulties associated with recruiting.  See N.J.A.C. 4A:3-1.2(c).  All appointees to non-competitive titles shall meet the minimum requirements set forth in the job specification and satisfactorily complete a working test period.

Competitive titles are permanent titles allocated to the competitive division of the career service, and are subject to an examination process and successful completion of a working test period. See N.J.A.C. 4A:4-1.1.

Open competitive announcements that are posted on the CSC’s website are open to members of the general public, who meet the prescribed requirements for admission.

Promotional announcements are open to employees currently working within a specific department and unit within a State agency or civil service jurisdiction.

Salaries for county and municipal government positions are determined by local ordinance and are not maintained by the CSC. You may contact the individual county or municipality directly to inquire about salary information for titles used within their respective jurisdiction.

Salaries for State government positions are available on the CSC’s website in the Compensation Compendium. Refer to the alpha letter and two-digit numerical codes at the end of the job specification to determine the current salary for a particular title.

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