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Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

Description of the Inventory of Program Offerings

The Inventory of Program offerings, contains information about currently approved degree and certificate programs at the licensed New Jersey institutions of higher education. The inventory is updated based on reviews by the Presidents' Council, and approvals by the Secretary of Higher Education, or, in the case of certificates, actions by institutional boards of trustees. Independent institutions founded prior to April 1, 1887, are exempt from the requirement for Presidents' Council review or Secretary of Higher Education approval of new degree programs:

Only full degree or certificate programs, which terminate in formal awards conferred by an institution of higher education are included.

It should be noted that non-credit offerings, such as those of many community college training divisions, are NOT included.

Also excluded are "options", "concentrations" or "emphases" offered within many of the degree programs listed. An institution's website or catalogue would identify such opportunities. (NJ College & University home pages can be accessed here.)

Further, the inventory does NOT include a comprehensive list of collegiate teacher preparation programs. Such offerings are approved by the NJ Department of Education, which grants teaching certificates to students completing prescribed course sequences. In some instances these curricula correspond to listings in this inventory, but colleges also offer teacher training programs that are not degree programs.

A college's catalogue or website would list all the teacher training opportunities available at that institution.

Last Updated: Monday, 01/11/21