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Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

Basic Needs Supports

The New Jersey State Plan for Higher Education: "Where Opportunity Meets Innovation: A Student-Centered Vision for New Jersey Higher Education" includes a tenet that every student in New Jersey should have access to an affordable route to a college degree with predictable tuition and fees, and support to help with non-tuition expenses. This playbook provides leaders, administrators, faculty, and staff at New Jersey colleges and universities with actionable information, evidence-based promising practices, and scalable resource solutions to effectively and sustainably help students secure their basic needs including food, housing and shelter, childcare, and transportation.

Outreach & Social Media Toolkit

The materials in this Basic Needs Outreach and Social Media Toolkit are designed to make it easy for institutions, students, and stakeholders to share information and raise awareness about with their communities and peers.

Last Updated: Friday, 05/12/23