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Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

Office of Research and Accountability - Student Unit Record (SURE)

The Student Unit Record (SURE) system is designed to strengthen the capacity of New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education to discharge its research, planning, and coordinating responsibilities. To assist institutions in a variety of ways, by tracking their transfers, reducing their need to fill out forms, and provide a student-unit record database for policy analysis and research purposes. Currently, approximately 40 institutions participate in SURE with a growing increasing number to meet licensing requirements for those receiving State operating aid or state-funded student financial aid

Complete SURE System Overview

Reporting Schedule & Resources

Due Date Data Submission
August 9, 2021 Social Security Number Updates
September 3, 2021 FY Completions File
September 3, 2021 12-Month Enrollment File
October 8, 2021 Non-Credit Open Enrollment File (Community Colleges)
October 22, 2021 Summer Degrees File
November 19, 2021 Fall Enrollment File
December 3 , 2021 New Transfer Enrollment File (Senior Publics)
February 11 , 2022 Social Security Number Updates
April 1, 2022 Spring Enrollment File

Resources/ Data Dictionaries

Enrollment Data Dictionary
Completions (Degrees/Certificates Conferred) Data Dictionary
12-Month Enrollment Data Submissions Data Dictionary
Non-Credit Open Enrollment Data Dictionary
New Transfer Enrollment File Data Dictionary
Degree/Certificates Code List
Social Security Number Update Data Dictionary

Last Updated: Thursday, 07/15/21