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Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

Institution Grants to Enhance Supports for Some College, No Degree Students

The Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) has awarded $3.3 million in grant funding to New Jersey public and independent-public mission institutions of higher education that receive State operating aid to support institutions be committed to re-engaging students who may have some credit, and no degree (SCND) to re-enroll and complete.

Specifically, the institutional grants aim to address barriers to students' return to higher education as well as help institutions build capacity to serve this population. Recognizing the differing needs of this student population, institutions are utilizing the funding in a variety of ways, including: providing basic needs supports and supports for unexpected expenses, enhancing credit for students' prior work experiences, creating centralized one-stop hubs for adult learners, extending service hours for key student support programs, providing specialized career services, and updating policies to be more inclusive of adult learners.

Please be advised final grants have been awarded, and the application period for this program is closed.

Last Updated: Friday, 12/22/23