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Division of Pensions & Benefits

Member Benefits Online System

MBOS For Registered Users

If you are already registered for MBOS, you can log on using the Login button wherever you see "Access My MBOS Account."

MBOS Registration for First Time Users

For Active Members and Retirees:

Before you can use MBOS, you must register with both MBOS and the myNewJersey website. Registration for MBOS requires several steps. Be sure to read the registration instructions for active members and for retired members and then use the button below to register for MBOS.

Note: Members who registered with MBOS as employees have automatic access to retiree MBOS applications when retired. Just log on to your existing MBOS account.

MBOS Registration and Login Issues
Computer Typing

Visit the “MBOS Registration and Login Issues” section of our Video Library (see link below) for video tutorials to assist you with registering or to solve MBOS Login issues.

MBOS Applications
Submit Key

Visit the “Videos for Active Members” and “Videos for Retired Members” sections of our Video Library (see link below) for step-by-step video tutorials to help you complete active and retired MBOS applications.


More videos are available to view in our Video Library

Retirement Types, Eligibility & Calculations

Retired Benefitsolver Guide

Solving MBOS Login Issues Part 1

Last Updated: Friday, 05/13/22