Firefighter Promotional Titles

Firefighter Application and Testing Schedules

Firefighter Status Report

Orientation Guides for Firefighter Promotional Examinations

Please Note: The year listed for the orientation guides refers to the year the exam will take place. Each guide listed, unless otherwise noted in its title, applies both to candidates from the current administration and make-up candidates from an earlier administration who will be tested in the stated year.

Firefighter Promotional Title Application Fees

  • Fire 1st Level Supervisor $50
  • Fire 2nd Level Supervisor $50
  • Battalion Fire Chief $75
  • Deputy Fire Chief $100
  • Fire Chief $150

Calculation of Seniority Credits

For promotions, seniority is considered in the final score. The seniority score includes two elements: seniority (time from regular appointment date to closing date of the announcement, minus time lost on suspensions, layoffs, and regular leaves of absence without pay), and service record (score is reduced for disciplinary suspensions up to five years before the closing date).

Firefighter In-Line Promotional Title Job Specifications

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