Law Enforcement Promotional Titles

Law Enforcement Status Report

Law Enforcement Promotional Title Application Fees

  • Police Sergeant $50
  • Police Lieutenant $50
  • Police Captain $75
  • Police Deputy Chief $100
  • Police Chief $150

Calculation of Seniority Credits for Law Enforcement Promotional Titles

For promotions, seniority is considered in the final score. For municipal police and fire fighter exams, the seniority score includes two elements: seniority (time from regular appointment date to closing date of the announcement, minus time lost on suspensions, layoffs, and regular leaves of absence without pay), and record of service (score is reduced for disciplinary suspensions up to five years before the closing date).  For all other law enforcement promotional exams (e.g., State Correctional Police Officer series, Sheriff’s Officer series, County Correction Officer series), only the seniority score is used; record of service is not considered for these titles.  More information about seniority credits can be found in N.J.A.C. 4A:4-2.15 Rating of examinations.

Law Enforcement In-Line Promotional Title Job Specifications

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