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New Jersey Future In Transportation

Case Studies

Under NJFIT, a series of Integrated Land Use and Transportation Planning Studies and other community-oriented efforts have been implemented. These projects look to balance land use - the future development and redevelopment expectation of each community - with all aspects of transportation, including accessibility, mobility, safety, multi-modality and the natural environment of the corridor. There are several other NJFIT projects currently underway.

Active Projects

Completed Projects

A key component of these studies is allowing towns to partner with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and other state agencies to create transportation/land use balance. In many New Jersey communities, the Circulation and Land Use elements of the town's Master Plan do not work together, are outdated or work against the elements emphasized by NJFIT - such as a grid system, mixed-use development and compact Main Streets with traffic calming devices. It is an important aspect of all of these projects to provide municipalities with the tools they need to make smart development decisions. Some of the projects provide assistance to municipalities in reworking their Master Plans, while other projects concentrate on facilitating communication with communities and directing them to valuable resources.

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