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I-78 Regional Network Interconnect Study

Union County

This study will identify and evaluate potential planning solutions to eliminate illegal and unsafe U-turns at the interchange of I-78 and Diamond Hill Road. This could include an expanded network of about seven miles traversing 16 municipalities in three counties. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is reviewing all alternatives to arrive at the best solution that will improve both regional and local traffic flow. The goal is to enhance mobility throughout the region.

Project description
The I-78 Regional Network Interconnect Study is intended to develop additional options for travel between the I-78 corridor and destinations in Union County to the south of Route 22. NJDOT will explore opportunities to improve travel capacity, develop a multi-modal transportation network and integrate land use patterns within the area. This NJFIT effort will recommend regional solutions that may also include safety improvements, expanded park and ride facilities, more transit service, a balanced street design to promote more network choices and improve access, pedestrian and bicycle facilities and smart growth/land use management principles, as outlined in the NJDOT/PennDOT Smart Transportation Guidebook (pdf 5.2m), funded by Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC).

Project status
The final study report is anticipated for completion in 2011.

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