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Route 45 Road Diet Study

Gloucester County

Located seven miles from Center City Philadelphia, Woodbury, New Jersey is the central business district of Gloucester County's metropolitan area with over 25,000 cars passing through each day. Route 45 is the main street and the backbone of historic downtown Woodbury.

Project description

Woodbury photo
Woodbury is the historic hub
of Gloucester County.
In an effort to support downtown redevelopment goals, and to balance transportation needs with the environment, community concerns and costs, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has completed a traffic study to evaluate the possibility of reducing the current four-lane road to three lanes (one travel lane in each direction with a center turn lane). The study has come up with the following recommendations for further evaluation and design for the advancement of the project toward construction:

  • Convert Route 45 (Carpenter Street to Red Bank Avenue) from a four-lane road to a three-lane road;

  • Provide bike lanes along each side of the road;

  • Construct curb extensions at the corners to enhance pedestrian safety;

  • Upgrade existing curb ramps and crosswalks;

  • Maintain street parking on both sides; and

  • Synchronize existing traffic signals

route 45 photo
Route 45 as it exists
today, and as it will look
under the road diet (inset).
This road reduction is the third project of its kind to be initiated by NJDOT. When implemented, these changes will provide a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly road through downtown Woodbury.

The narrower streets will slow traffic and give greater visibility to downtown businesses.

Project status
This study has advanced to the design stage and concept recommendations from the study will be will be translated into actual engineering designs.

NJFITness goals advanced by the Route 45 Road Diet Study are rated on a scale of one to three stars, with three stars indicating the most strongly pursued:

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