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NJFIT supports alternatives to driving by promoting walking, bicycling and mass transit. This benefits those who cannot or do not wish to drive. By designing Complete Streets, NJFIT reduces the stress on our existing roadways. Complete Streets describes a comprehensive, integrated and connected multi-modal network of transportation options, similar to what existed over 50 years ago when people used to walk to many of their daily destinations. Today, driving is sometimes the only option in many communities, because destinations are too far or too dangerous to reach by foot or bicycle. These trips add millions of cars to our roads every year.

Unsafe conditions photo
Unsafe conditions may
result when facilities are
not provided for all types
of transportation.
Biking photo
Biking provides a healthy way to get around.

Community-focused design reduces the need to drive everywhere
When residences are closer to each other and closer to community services, people need to drive less and tend to walk or bike instead. Newer suburbs are generally more decentralized, therefore increasing independence on the automobile.

Providing travel choices enhances transportation equity
New Jersey is the home of more than
1.5 million senior citizens (U.S. Census 2008 population) and this number is growing quickly. Many of these senior citizens, along with other New Jersey residents who do not have access to a vehicle, live in suburban communities. These same suburban communities do not accommodate people on bikes or foot. NJFIT is working to ensure these residents enjoy basic mobility by providing transportation options.

One study found that households in higher density, transit-oriented suburbs drive
20 to 25 percent less than households in conventional, low-density, auto-oriented suburbs.

The Tools and Case Studies best associated with the
More Ways to Travel FITness goal is listed below in the drop down boxes. Achieving this goal is possible through the application of various tools and programs.


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