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The Congestion Epidemic

What does NJFIT have to do with transportation?
Transportation is the basis of our economy, our quality of life and our community development. NJFIT recognizes our responsibility to develop the partnerships with other state agencies, counties, municipalities and the private sector that result in transportation facilities that best suits their needs.
What is the NJFIT philosophy?
With limited available funds for major transportation projects, investments in communities that engage in sound land use planning is a priority. A common vision for transportation and land use development by all levels of government is the foundation of making NJFIT effective. Building partnerships is essential to making the necessary land use, zoning and other ordinance changes that provide better access to and preserve the functionality of our transportation system and communities. The long term success of our transportation system will be evident by less congestion and more health related trends.
What are the goals for NJFIT?
The overall goal of the NJFIT campaign includes: finding affordable and sustainable transportation solutions that improve the integration of transportation and land use to meet the needs of our communities. NJFIT projects are reflective of the eight NJFITness goals - from healthy and safe streets to lasting investments that support economic vitality.
How does NJFIT support the legislated "Fix-It-First" policy for transportation?
Fix-It-First focuses on keeping our existing transportation infrastructure in a state of good repair. NJFIT extends the Fix-It-First policy to our capital planning program by ensuring that future capital investment is prioritized to advance the continued improvement of our entire intermodal transportation system.
Does this mean no new roads or road widening?
Increasing capacity can include a wide range of possibilities from multi-modal options to supply and demand solutions. A number of NJFIT projects propose new roads on new alignments or road widening. However, new capital investment projects are developed and designed to advance a broader set of community goals.
How will NJFIT cut red tape and get projects on the ground faster?
NJFIT focuses on keeping our transportation system healthy. This means more and smaller projects that are coordinated with local and county transportation systems and land use plans can be implemented faster through state, regional and local partnerships. It is a faster, better, more cost effective approach to new capital investment.
Is this program really necessary?
Yes. NJFIT focuses on improving performance of our overall transportation system by coordinating with local and county system improvements and land use plans, which help New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) succeed in providing more and better traveling options throughout New Jersey.
Is New Jersey the only state taking this new approach to transportation?
No, but we are among the leaders. Many other states are taking a similar approach to seek balanced solutions in reducing congestion and other transportation issues, while improving quality of life. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has adopted a Smart Transportation program incorporating transportation with land use and community planning.
How does my community get involved in NJFIT? What resources are being made available to advance these partnerships?
There are many resources available to communities that want to partner with NJDOT to get FIT. You can also contact us for more information.

Last updated date:October 11, 2019 9:00 AM