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Route 9 Corridor Master Plan

Ocean County

The Route 9 corridor between South Toms River and Tuckerton Borough in Ocean County is a two-lane rural roadway which runs parallel to the Garden State Parkway and provides the only alternate north-south route in the county. Route 9 serves as an important connection among the various townships and boroughs along the Atlantic shore. Over the last 20 years, Route 9 has experienced rapid suburban development and tourism related pressures that have created tremendous traffic congestion and safety concerns along the corridor.

Project description
The Route 9 Corridor Master Plan is an excellent example of the NJFIT initiative providing a holistic context sensitive approach to the entire corridor by examining and making integrated transportation, land use and design recommendations. This study relied on an extensive public outreach process that included the formation of a strategic advisory group, a series of stakeholder interview sessions and interactive design workshops to identify issues, opportunities and potential solutions for the corridor. The study divided the corridor at Ocean Township into two-halves: the north corridor (11 miles) and the south corridor (19 miles). Through this public process, specific transportation, land use and community character/economic development and environmental goals were developed for the two sections of the corridor. There goals were translated into six corridor guiding principles that provided the framework for the Route 9 Corridor Master Plan. These guiding principles included:

  • Balance regional mobility and local access needs
  • Focus on improving capacity where it counts
  • Reconnect and enhance the transportation network
  • Strengthen community character
  • Provide alternatives to the car
  • Match growth to infrastructure limitations

The Route 9 Corridor Master Plan provides descriptions, detailed recommendations and example design illustrations to support each principle throughout the corridor. Twenty-four specific action items to reduce the congestion and improve the safety on Route 9 as well as to enhance the quality of life for residents along the corridor are grouped into four different categories (network enhancements, transit enhancements, roadway improvements and land use modifications) and provided as a conclusion to the Master Plan document.

Tuckerton photo Tuckerton illustration
Illustration of recommended urban enhancements in Tuckerton
Route 9 Corridor Master Plan cover graphic
The Route 9 Corridor Master Plan is well into implementation
Project status
The Route 9 Corridor Master Plan and a Route 9 Corridor Coalition Agreement for voluntary participation by corridor municipalities in plan implementation were completed in 2005. Berkeley Township is advancing its Master Plan for development of a town center along Route 9. Improvements for the intersection of Route 9 and Ocean Gate/Korman Roads were completed in 2010. Final design plans for the Route 9 and Lacey Road intersection have been completed.

NJFITness goals advanced by the Route 9 Corridor Master Plan are rated on a scale of one to three stars, with three stars indicating the most strongly pursued:

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