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Division of Pensions & Benefits

Employer Pensions and Benefits Information Connection (EPIC)

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EPIC Communications

Updates to Employer Demographic Information

It is the employer's responsibility to update any of the address, telephone, fax, or email contacts for the employing entity — as well as maintaining current contact information for the Certifying Officer and Supervisor of the Certifying Officer — using the EPIC Security application. Detailed information is available by clicking the "EPIC Security System" link above.

EPIC Support

The Division of Pensions and Benefits wants EPIC to be a tool that employers find useful and choose to use in their daily administrative work. We have made every effort to make EPIC powerful while keeping it easy to use. If, after reading the EPIC user's information linked above, you still have questions about or difficulty accessing or using EPIC, registered users may contact the Division's Employer Education Unit at (609) 292-7524 or send an email.


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Last Updated: Thursday, 04/21/22