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Fee Calculator


  1. Answer the Preliminary Questions
  2. Check the type(s) of development proposed (For mixed development, check all that apply)
  3. Enter the required information (# of acres, $ of construction costs, etc.)
  4. Click "Calculate"
  5. Record the "Total Fee Payment Due" displayed
  6. Pay Fee (Online by clicking the button for Online Payment Portal or send check/money order per application instructions)

This tool is for information purposes only.  For additional information, please see:


Preliminary questions:

Is this proposal a private or public development?

Are you a qualified tax exempt religious association or corporation or a qualified non-profit organization?

Is this proposal non-residential development to be served by an alternate design nitrogen-reducing septic system?

Is this proposal for the review of any study or survey (cultural, threatened & endangered species, etc.) prior to the submission of a development application?

Is this proposal associated with an application for a General Development Plan (GDP)?

Select Development Type(s) Proposed:

Note: If 2 or more development types proposed, the application fee is the combined total of the fees for each development type.

Minimum Application Fee = $250


# of Units and # of Lots

The fee is based on the number of dwelling units or lots proposed, whichever is greater; e.g. if you are proposing a 54 lot subdivision with 50 single family dwellings, 2 open space lots a stormwater lot and a clubhouse, you would enter 50 in the # of units and 54 in the # of lots.

Subdivision only

# of Lots

Off- road vehicle event

# of miles or portion thereof – round up to whole miles

Forestry application (initial or renewal) involving 10 or more acres

# of acres or portion thereof – round up to whole acres

Golf course

# of acres or portion thereof – round up to whole acres

Linear development

# of acres or portion thereof disturbed - in the right of way and outside of right of way – round up to whole acres

Resource extraction

# of acres or portion thereof – round up to whole acres

Change of use with no additional development (not served by public sanitary sewer)

Commercial, Institutional, Industrial or other Non-Residential Development

$ of Construction Costs

Solar Energy Facilities

# of acres or portion thereof - round up to whole acres

Wells in Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer subject to N.J.A.C. 7:50-6.86(d) (new diversion/allocation increase resulting in a total diversion of >= 50,000 gallons/day).

Wells not subject to N.J.A.C. 7:50-6.86(d)

$ of Construction Costs