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Fee Calculator

Please select the type of development that you are proposing. Based on your selection you will be asked to enter specific information related to your proposal (# of units, construction cost, etc.). The application fee will be calculated for you. It is recommend that you print the calculation and include it with your application submission.

The fee calculator is for your convenience. If accurate information is entered it should calculate the correct application review fee. This calculation is for informational purposes only and is subject to review.

Please answer these preliminary questions:

Is this proposal a private or public development?

Are you a qualified tax exempt religious association or corporation or a qualified non-profit organization?


If you are proposing a development that is comprised of 2 or more types of development (residential with commercial) the application review fee is the total of the two fees for each specific type of development.

All fees minimum of $250


# of Units and # of Lots

The fee is based on the number of dwelling units or lots proposed, whichever is greater; e.g. if you are proposing a 54 lot subdivision with 50 single family dwellings, 2 open space lots a stormwater lot and a clubhouse, you would enter 50 in the # of units and 54 in the # of lots.

Subdivision only

# of Lots

Off- road vehicle event

# of miles or portion thereof – round up to whole miles

Forestry application (initial or renewal) involving 10 or more acres

# of acres or portion thereof – round up to whole acres

Golf course

# of acres or portion thereof – round up to whole acres

Linear development

# of acres or portion thereof disturbed - in the right of way and outside of right of way – round up to whole acres

Resource extraction

# of acres or portion thereof – round up to whole acres

Change of use with no additional development (not served by public sanitary sewer)

Commercial, Institutional, Industrial or other Non-Residential Development

$ of Construction Costs

Solar Energy Facilities

# of acres or portion thereof - round up to whole acres