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Information Center

Welcome to the Pinelands Commission Information Center

This on-line resource is designed to provide visitors with access to a wealth of information about the Pinelands and the work of the Pinelands Commission.

It is a one-stop virtual library of informational material, studies, reports, forms and technical documents for people of all interests from students to outdoor enthusiasts to regulated clients.

Public education and awareness is critical to the success of the Pinelands protection program. As an open public agency, the Pinelands Commission strives to make as much information available to the public as possible and we hope you find this gateway to Commission-related information to be helpful and informative.

New Jersey Pinelands Information Packet

The Pinelands Commission offers informational packets to provide a general overview of the Pinelands and how the region's natural and cultural resources are protected. This folder includes fact sheets, a Pinelands management area map and informational brochures. If you would like to purchase a packet by mail, please send a total of $6.00 ($4.00 for postage and handling and $2.00 for the information packet) to the NJ Pinelands Commission. Packets can also be purchased in person at the Pinelands Commission offices for $2.00. Send orders to:

Information Packet:
NJ Pinelands Commission
PO Box 359
New Lisbon, NJ 08064

Please make checks or money orders payable to NJ Pinelands Commission