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Completed Projects

Completed projects include:

  • Natural and Created Wetland Study to assess the vulnerability of ponds to off-road vehicles and buildout and compare natural ponds, excavated ponds, and stormwater basins;

  • The Kirkwood-Cohansey Project, a study of the potential effects of groundwater diversions from the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer on aquatic and wetland resources;

  • Right-of-way Plan, a region-wide ecologically based vegetation-management plan for electric-transmission rights-of-way;

  • An Ecological-integrity Assessment, a comprehensive assessment of Pinelands landscape, aquatic, and wetland integrity;

  • Watershed Studies, including studies conducted in the four major Pinelands watersheds;

  • An Impoundment Study, a study of shallow, coastal-plain lake communities;

  • Cranberry Study, a comparison of wetland and aquatic attributes of watersheds draining active and abandoned cranberry bogs and forest land; and

  • Rattlesnake Study, a study of the movements of timber rattlesnakes near a residential development.