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Limited Practical Use Program

The Limited Practical Use (LPU) Land Acquisition Program offers the owners of small properties with limited development potential an opportunity to sell their properties to the State of New Jersey. In order to be eligible, the property to be sold must be less than 50 acres in size. In addition, the landowner may not own a total of 50 or more acres anywhere in the Pinelands National Reserve. Finally, the Pinelands Commission must have reviewed and denied an application for development of a home on the property under a Waiver of Strict Compliance (a variance from normal Pinelands zoning or environmental standards).

Interested property owners who meet all of the criteria described above must complete a questionnaire and return it to the Pinelands Commission. Once the Commission determines that a property is eligible for acquisition under the LPU Program, the Green Acres Program in the Department of Environmental Protection is notified. Green Acres staff will then contact the landowner to begin the formal acquisition process.

Landowners who do not qualify for the LPU Program but are interested in selling their properties to the State of New Jersey may contact the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection - Green Acres Program directly at (609)984-0500 or access the Green Acres Application for Sale of Real Estate at

As of June 30, 2021, approximately 5,771 acres in the Pinelands Pinelands National Reserve have been permanently preserved through the LPU Program.  The majority of properties acquired by the State are very small (one-third of an acre) and most are located in the Pinelands Forest Area. For more information, please review the Commission's Permanent Land Protection map.