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PDC Certificates & Severances

How to Apply for a PDC Certificate

Please carefully read and follow all the directions. If you have questions or need assistance, call our office at (609) 894-7300.

All PDC application forms, deed restrictions and related forms are available in electronic format and can be accessed by following the directions below. We suggest that you download and save the forms to your computer, as you may need to access them more than once. Once you have filled in all the information you can print and execute the documents. Original signatures and Notary's signature and seal are required. Please use only original PDC Bank forms as we are unable to accept re-typed or altered forms.

Step 1:

Apply to the Pinelands Commission for a Letter of Interpretation (LOI)
. If you have a Letter of Interpretation, but it is more than five years old, request a renewal by submitting a completed application form for an LOI to the Pinelands Commission. Please note that a minimum allocation of 0.25 PDCs is required to obtain a Pinelands Development Credit Certificate.

Step 2:

Contact a Title Company to request a 60-year title search and a 20 year upper and lower court search of liens and judgments.  This is required by State Law to ensure that title to the property is marketable.  The cost of this work is generally under $300.00.  Ask them to include a certification (statement) that they searched the title records for 60 years and court records for 20 years.  If the search reveals any judgments, please contact the PDC Bank at (609) 894-7300 for further instructions.

Step 3:

Obtain a copy of the Tax Map sheet showing the property/properties in question. You can get this from the municipal Tax Assessor or Tax Collector. Reduced copies are acceptable, but they must show the title block on the corner of the page.

Step 4:

Obtain a copy of your most recent deed to the property/properties in question, showing that you have ownership of the tract of land. If there have been any changes since the deed was recorded, such as a death or divorce, you must provide supporting legal documentation, such as a death certificate or court order.

Step 5:

If you have a mortgage, obtain a letter from the mortgage holder, stating that they are aware that a deed restriction will be filed when the PDC Certificate is issued and they do not object to it, as they own an interest in the property. If your mortgage company is unfamiliar with the PDC program or uncertain about a release, please have them contact the PDC Bank at (609) 894-7300. We have information, specific to a lien-holder's concerns that we can send them, as well as suggested wording for their letter. (If a previous mortgage was paid off but the payoff was not recorded, the payoff will not show on the title search and you need to submit supporting documentation to demonstrate that the debt was satisfied.)

Step 6: 

Fill out the appropriate Deed Restriction form and sign it in front of a Notary, but do not record it. Note: There are three different forms for three different Pinelands management areas. Look in your Pinelands Commission Letter of Interpretation (LOI) for the property description, and it will tell you in which Pinelands management area the property is located. For the location and legal description of the property, use the address, Tax Map Block(s) and Lot(s), municipality and county. The block on the upper right hand corner must be filled out and signed by the person who prepares the form.

Important: The names of all persons signing, including witnesses, must be printed or typed under the signature.  Be sure the Notary writes the names of the persons whose signatures are being notarized and the county where the form was signed, in the spaces provided. We cannot change any information you submit on your proposed deed restriction. If a deed restriction is submitted with missing or incorrect information, we will have to return it to you to be corrected.

Step 7:

Fill out an Affidavit of Title form. The form for individuals can be accessed here. The form for corporate entities can be accessed here. Based on the results of the title search, you may need to submit an Affidavit Regarding Judgment form. For individuals, the Affidavit Regarding Judgment form can be accessed here. For corporate entities, the Affidavit Regarding Judgment form can be accessed here.

Sign it in front of a Notary and have it notarized. This form must be printed on a single sheet of paper. We cannot accept a notarized document with two separate pieces of paper taped together.

Step 8:

Fill out the Application for Pinelands Development Credit Certificate. The application form for individuals can be accessed here. The application form for corporate entities can be accessed here. Each item to be filled out is numbered and there is a list of explanations with corresponding numbers on the Application Form Instructions.

Step 9:

Do not send a check for the recording fee with the application. Once we have received and reviewed your application and supporting material, and determined it to be complete, we will notify you of the amount of the recording fee and you can then mail us a check payable to the appropriate county clerk.

Step 10:

Include the Checklist for New PDC Applications as a cover to the whole application package. The Checklist for New PDC Applications for individuals can be accessed here. The Checklist for New Applications for corporate entities can be accessed here.

Step 11:

If using US Postal Service, mail completed application to:

PO BOX 359

If sending via Fedex, UPS or other courier, mail to our street address:

Pinelands Development Credit Bank
c/o Pinelands Commission
15C Springfield Road
New Lisbon, NJ 08064