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Curriculum Guides

On-Line Curriculum Guides

Welcome to the New Jersey Pinelands Commission's On-Line Curriculum Guides. The information in these guides has been designed to help students develop an appreciation of the diversity and complexity of the Pinelands, and an understanding of the need to preserve and protect this unique resource.

The On-Line Curriculum Guides reference the audio-visual program "The New Jersey Pinelands, Our Country's First National Reserve" this video is located below. The video is a 17 minute program features images, local music, natural sounds, and narration. The program presents an overview of the ecology and cultural history of the unique Pinelands area. Viewers are introduced to the region's natural resources, blueberry and cranberry agriculture, rare plants and animals, and man's historic use of the resources for early industries. 

For more information on the Curriculum Guides or if you have questions, comments or suggestion e-mail the Public Programs Office at or call (609) 894-7300. ext. 125.