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Active Public Development Applications

Updated on 9/19/2018 8:30:02 AM

Application# 1990-0868.029 - NJDEP
Received on: 9/19/2017
Project: Tree clearing to restore visibility from the Bass River State Forest fire tower
Municipality: Bass River Township
Block: 48, Lot: 1
The public comment period for this application was closed on 6/8/2018. The application was originally scheduled for action at the 7/13/2018 Pinelands Commission meeting, but action on the application was deferred until the August 10, 2018 Pinelands Commission meeting.

Application# 2007-0304.001 - Dennis Township
Received on: 8/24/2007
Project: Construction of two parking areas and the paving of an access drive
Municipality: Dennis Township
Block: 31, Lot: 13

Application# 1994-0336.002 - Egg Harbor City
Received on: 10/2/2008
Project: Miniature golf course
Municipality: Egg Harbor City
Block: 954, Lot: 1

Application# 1983-5837.058 - South Jersey Transportation Authority
Received on: 8/4/2014
Project: Construction of a deicing pad
Municipality: Egg Harbor Township
Block: 101, Lot: 9

Application# 2018-0036.001 - Atlantic County
Received on: 2/23/2018
Project: Road improvements within the Jimmie Leeds Road right-of-way and on the above referenced parcels
Municipality: Galloway Township
Block: 787, Lot: 5

Application# 1981-1833.081 - Stockton University
Received on: 3/29/2018
Project: Installation of a potable water well
Municipality: Galloway Township
Block: 875.04, Lot: 1.01

Application# 1981-1833.083 - Stockton University
Received on: 6/18/2018
Project: Construction of 46 parking spaces
Municipality: Galloway Township
Block: 875.04, Lot: 1.01

Application# 1981-1833.084 - Stockton University
Received on: 8/23/2018
Project: Irrigation Well
Municipality: Galloway Township
Block: 875.04, Lot: 1.01

Application# 2010-0131.002 - NJ Department of Transportation
Received on: 4/17/2012
Project: Sidewalk and curbing Route 40 East milepost 46.79 - 47.01
Municipality: Hamilton Township

Application# 2010-0131.001 - New Jersey Department of Transportation
Received on: 8/31/2010
Project: Sidewalk and curbing project - Route 40 Eastbound, MP 46.46 to 46.78
Municipality: Hamilton Township

Application# 1986-0120.006 - South Jersey Transportation Authority
Received on: 9/7/2010
Project: Construction of three building additions to the existing Engineering and Operations Maintenance Facility
Municipality: Hammonton Town
Block: 403, Lot: 11

Application# 2000-0630.002 - Jackson Township
Received on: 8/25/2009
Project: 1,200 square foot trailer and associated development for shooting range
Municipality: Jackson Township
Block: 19001, Lot: 11.01

Application# 2008-0122.001 - Little Egg Harbor Police Department
Received on: 4/28/2008
Project: Police training facility and firing range (on existing LEHT landfill site)
Municipality: Little Egg Harbor Township
Block: 64, Lot: 3.01

Application# 1981-2232.003 - Manchester Township
Received on: 7/8/2015
Project: Construction of a 2,000 square foot police training pavilion and a 2,827 square foot salt storage building
Municipality: Manchester Township
Block: 116, Lot: 13

Application# 1982-2731.011 - Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders
Received on: 11/13/2017
Project: Construction of an 18,400 square foot bus garage, a 9,000 square foot office building, a 30,000 square foot warehouse and a 3.9 acre leaf composting facility.
Municipality: Manchester Township
Block: 72, Lot: 7
The public comment period for this application was closed on 9/14/2018. The application will be acted on at the 10/12/2018 Pinelands Commission meeting.

Application# 1989-0902.005 - Medford Township
Received on: 1/3/2008
Project: Construction of Public works yard
Municipality: Medford Township
Block: 6405.01, Lot: 13

Application# 1981-0828.003 - Medford Township
Received on: 8/1/2012
Project: Replacement of two spillways
Municipality: Medford Township
Block: 906.01, Lot: 14

Application# 2018-0096.001 - Medford Township
Received on: 6/25/2018
Project: Installation of public water and sanitary sewer mains within the Route 70 & Medford-Evesboro Road rights-of-way
Municipality: Medford Township

Application# 2001-0236.001 - Monroe Township
Received on: 5/1/2001
Project: Construction of four recreational fields and a 193 space parking lot
Municipality: Monroe Township
Block: 13001, Lot: 16
The public comment period for this application was closed on 9/14/2018. The application will be acted on at the 10/12/2018 Pinelands Commission meeting.

Application# 1987-1299.005 - Mullica Township School District
Received on: 12/26/2017
Project: Construction of a 26,500 square foot parking lot
Municipality: Mullica Township
Block: 3303, Lot: 9

Application# 1986-0082.007 - Ocean County Planning Board
Received on: 1/27/2012
Project: Expansion and surfacing of a parking area
Municipality: Ocean Township
Block: 18, Lot: 2.02

Application# 1982-3514.004 - Pemberton Township
Received on: 6/27/2014
Project: Improvements to the West End Park
Municipality: Pemberton Township
Block: 827.03, Lot: 1

Application# 2005-0232.003 - South Toms River Borough
Received on: 12/17/2009
Project: Four lot subdivision and no further development
Municipality: South Toms River Borough
Block: 20, Lot: 1

Application# 2009-0084.001 - Tabernacle Township
Received on: 5/19/2009
Project: Hill Road improvements
Municipality: Tabernacle Township

Application# 2015-0066.003 - Camden County
Received on: 1/4/2017
Project: Improvements to the New Brooklyn Lake Dam
Municipality: Winslow Township
Block: 4201, Lot: 1

Application# 2018-0098.001 - Cape May County
Received on: 6/25/2018
Project: Dehirsch Avenue (Route 550) widening and resurfacing
Municipality: Woodbine Borough