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Formal Public Comment Submissions

The Pinelands Commission encourages public comment because it leads to more informed decision-making.

Through this e-mail system, the public can submit comments on proposed amendments to the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP), county and municipal master plans and ordinances and Memoranda of Agreement that are pending before the Pinelands Commission. A formal comment period is established as part of the Commission's review process. Please see the drop-down tab entitled Comment Topic for a list of items for which the comment period is open.

If there are no matters open for formal public comment, please send your messages to the General Information Inquiries or Questions account.

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Attachments: If you would like to send any attachments, please send them to The e-mail subject line must include your name and comment Topic. The attached documents must be an MS Word file, an Adobe .pdf file or a .jpg (for images). The documents must not be access-restricted (ie., not locked or read-only)