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Economic Monitoring

Long-Term Economic Monitoring Program

The Long-Term Economic Monitoring Program is a cooperative project administered by the Pinelands Commission and funded by the National Park Service.  The goal of the program, is to continually monitor the economic health of the Pinelands region in an objective and reliable way.  This goal is accomplished by two means: through the publication of an annual report of indicators, and through the commissioning of periodic special studies. The annual report takes the "temperature" of the regional economy, while special studies take a more in-depth look at specific topics.  Approximately twenty indicators are tracked in four primary areas: population demographics, real estate, economy, and municipal finance. Long-term trends for aggregates of Pinelands and Non-Pinelands municipalities are tracked, and current information for Southern New Jersey and for Pineland's municipalities is displayed in the form of charts, tables, and maps.

Long-Term Economic Monitoring Report

Full Report - 2013
Municipal Fact Book - 2013

Full Report - 2011-12
Municipal Fact Book - 2011-2012

Full Report - 2010
Municipal Fact Book  - 2010

Full Report - 2009
Municipal Fact Book - 2009

Full Report - 2008
Municipal Fact Book - 2008

Full Report - 2007
Municipal Fact Book - 2007

Full Report - 2006
Municipal Fact Book - 2006

Full Report - 2005
Municipal Fact Book - 2005

Executive Summary - 2004
Full Report - 2004
Municipal Fact Book -2004
Pinelands Population Reference - 2004

Executive Summary - 2003
Full Report - 2003
Fact Book - 2003

Municipal Fiscal Health Special Study

Draft Report - July 2008