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Southern Medford / Evesham Sub-regional Natural Resource Protection Plan

The southern portions of Evesham and Medford Townships in Burlington County include large areas designated under the Pinelands protection program for modest amounts of residential development.  However, data compiled in recent years has documented that the area has a high concentration of rare plants and animals.  These conflicts have led to several high-profile legal disputes between the Commission and local developers.   Additionally, the Pinelands Commission recently has completed major studies of the Mullica River and Rancocas Creek watersheds, which demonstrate the area's high quality water, aquatic and wetland resources. 
 With the help of $73,000 grant from the William Penn Foundation, the Pinelands Commission is undertaking an innovative natural resource conservation planning project for southern portions of Evesham and Medford.  Under this project, the Pinelands Commission has organized a steering committee, comprised of representatives from the NJ DEP and the two municipalities to oversee development of a conservation plan for a 22-square-mile project area.  Under the direction of the Steering Committee, a detailed natural resource conservation plan will be prepared, which may include innovative zoning, land preservation, resource management and community design recommendations.  Also included will be a comprehensive natural resource inventory and integrated land acquisition strategy.  In coordination with enhanced resource protections, the plan may include streamlined regulatory requirements for developing in the appropriate locations and within certain standards.  

For more information contact:
NJ Pinelands Commission
PO Box 359
New Lisbon, NJ 08064