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Fire History
Buchholz, K. and R. A. Zampella. 1987. A 30-year fire history of the New Jersey Pine Plains. Bulletin of the New Jersey Academy of Science. 32:61-69. (Summary)

We used state fire records to describe the fire history of the New Jersey Pine Plains and surrounding non-Plains areas. During a 30-year period (1953-1982), 19 major (> 41 ha) fires burned a total of 22,717 ha in the 24,121 ha study area. On the average, fires occurred once every 1.6 years in the study area, 1.7 years in the non-Plains area, and 2.1 years in the Pine Plains. The random-point fire frequency (land area/average number of hectares burned per year) for the entire study area, non-Plains area, and Pine Plains was 32 years, 34 years, and 28 years, respectively. We concluded that compared to the early part of the twentieth century, fires appear to have occurred more frequently during our 30-year study period.