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The Pine Barrens Treefrog and others friends
This page will bring you information about wildlife and vegetation in the Pinelands National Reserve. From time to time specific species will be featured, or collections of materials that we feel are important to share with the public. Currently, the Pine Barrens treefrog, often considered a symbol of the New Jersey Pinelands occupies center stage in the wildlife category. Robin Jess, a talented New Jersey artist, and Michael A. Hogan, an experienced Pinelands photographer, have permitted us to display their interpretation of the natural resources of the National Reserve. Come back from time to time and explore the treasures of our region.

The Pine Barrens Treefrog 

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Scenes of the Pinelands
Through the Lens of Michael A. Hogan

The Pinelands National Reserve contains boundless subject matter for photographers from around the world. Within its vast expanse can be found plant and animal life, scenic views, historic sites, agricultural landscapes, and a sense of wilderness in an otherwise urbanized region. Visitors to the Pinelands carry away photographic remembrances of its quiet and subtle beauty.

Each season brings its own image of change for the lens to capture. The green mosaic of summer turns to the vivid colors of autumn and are followed by the white cloak of winter's freshly fallen snow. Spring is a time of blueberry blossoms, orchids, lady slipper, dogwood, swamp azalea, and a myriad of other surprises emerging to meet the warmth of the Sun. We are pleased to be able to present a sample of photographs that portray the richness of the region in the new "Scenes of the Pinelands-Through the Lens of Michael A Hogan" addition to this page.

Michael A. Hogan studied photography at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He has been photographing the New Jersey Pinelands for the past 15 years. His work is photographed with a 4x5 format view camera, which is similar to the kind of camera Ansel Adams used.

Michael's fine art color prints have been exhibited in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. His work has been displayed in may public, private, and corporate collections, including Johnson & Johnson's World Headquarters, Mobile Oil Corporation, Educational Testing Services, Price Waterhouse, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. His next exhibit will be at the American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania in May, 1997.

For more information about Michael's work, you can contact him at:

Michael Hogan Photography
221 Union Avenue
Bellmawr, New Jersey 08031

Log on Batsto Lake

Batsto Lake-Blizzard of 1996
Batsto Lake

Pickerel Weed-Goshen Pond
Blue Flag-Mullica River

Mullica River Wetlands-Blizzard of 1996 Mullica River-Blizzard of 1996
Fall Reflections on the Nescochague Creek

Winter Reflections on the Nescochague Creek
Field of Snow

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Pinelands Vegetation Through the Eyes and Brush of Robin Jess

More than any other natural feature, the unique vegetation of the Pinelands gives the region its distinctive character. Low, dense forests of pine and oak, ribbons of cedar and hardwood swamp bordering drainage courses, pitch pine lowlands, bogs, and marshes combine to produce an expansive mosaic which is unsurpassed in the Northeast. This richly patterned landscape is the product of interacting environmental factors, primarily soils, water, fire, and human disturbances.

The majority of Pinelands plant species have ranges that extend geographically north, west and south of the region. However, a distinctive feature of the Pinelands flora is the large number of species which reach either their northern or southern geographical limits here. The rich diversity of plants in the Pinelands number approximately 850 species including 580 which are considered native to the region.

Robin Jess has been a freelance botanical illustrator since 1976 after graduating from the University of Delaware with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Botany. She later received a MFA from Pratt Institute.

Robin's main client has been the New York Botanical Garden where she illustrates textbooks and research publications. Her work has also appeared in several Audubon Field Guides and Taylor's Guides to cultivated plants. In 1990, Robin was awarded a Distinguished Artist Fellowship by the New Jersey Council on the Arts, the highest award given to an individual artist. She received a second fellowship in 1993.

We would like to thank the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and Robin for letting us present a sample of her fine works.

The art work of Robin Jess produced on the following pages is copyrighted by Robin Jess and may not be reproduced without permission.

Upland Forests & Dry Open Areas

Pitch Pine (60k)
Pink Lady's Slipper (24k)
British Soldier & False Reindeer Lichen (56k)

Lowland Forests & Cedar Swamps

Sweet Bay Magnolia (63k)
Orange Milkwort (30k)
Atlantic White Cedar (62k)
Curly Grass Fern (29k)
Sheep Laurel (58k)
Sphagnum Moss & Cranberry (45k)

Aquatic Communities & Semi-Aquatic Bogs and Savannas

Pitcher Plant (49k)
Rose Pogonia (49k)
Fragrant Water Lily (51k)
Sundew (43k)

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If you desire more information about Robin's art, you may contact her at:

Robin Jess
55 Lahiere Avenue
Edison, New Jersey 08817
(732) 572-5928