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Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus is still active in NJ. Wear a mask. Keep a 6ft. distance in public

NJ Poison Control Center and 211 provide COVID-19 information: Call: 2-1-1; Call (24/7); 1-800-962-1253; Text: NJCOVID to 898-211; More Information:
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Department of State

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Secretary of State

Commemorative Dates

January's Commemorative Days
January 11 Alice Paul Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-371
January 11 Clarence Clemons Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-211
January 11 Human Trafficking Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-204
January 14 Hannah G. Solomon Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-269
January 21 Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-230
January 23 Maternal Health Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-293
Second Sunday Volunteer Fireman's Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-8
Third Sunday Volunteer First Aid and Rescue Squad Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-9
January's Commemorative Weeks
Second Week of January
(Public Schools)
Cancer Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 18A:40-32
Third Week of January Teen Cancer Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-165
January's Commemorative Month
  Human Trafficking Prevention Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-202
  NUT Carcinoma Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-388
January's Holidays
January 1 New Year’s Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
The third Monday Martin Luther King’s Birthday N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
February's Commemorative Days
February 3rd Senator Joseph Palaia Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-285
February 14th Socks for the Homeless Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-323
February's Commemorative Weeks
The week of February 14th Salute To Hospitalized Veterans Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-122
February's Commemorative Month
  Black History Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-83
  Career and Technical Education Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-392
  Children’s Dental Health Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-171
  Eating Disorders Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-132
  Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-135
  Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-224
  Turner Syndrome Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-219
February's Holidays
February 12 Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
The third Monday George Washington’s Birthday N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
March's Commemorative Days
March 5th Crispus Attucks Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-1
March 6th Lymphedema Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-95
March 13th K9 Veterans Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-173
March 15th Peter Francisco Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-354
March 16th Liberty Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-76
March 19th Women in Public Office Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-382
March 30th Doctors’ Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-232
March 31st Thomas Mundy Peterson Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-46
March's Commemorative Weeks
First week of March Consumer Protection Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-271
First week of March Technology Innovation Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-147
Second week of March Women's History Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-4
The third full week in March Domestic Violence Services Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-386
The third full week in March Horticultural Therapy Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-243
Week including March 17th Irish-American History and Heritage Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-43
March 22nd - March 28th Doula Appreciation Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-346
March's Commemorative Month
  American Red Cross Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-176
  Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-325
  Brain Injury Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-87
  Childhood Obesity Prevention Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-153
  Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-184
  Gifted and Talented Students Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-91
  Hepatitis C Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-44
  Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-124
  Professional Social Work Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-327
  Women's History Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-174
  Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-200
March's Holidays
The day designated Good Friday N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
April's Commemorative Days
April 2nd World Autism Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-305
April 14th Sikh Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-348
April 17th New Jersey Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-3
27th day of Nissan
(in the Hebrew Calendar)
Holocaust Remembrance Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-22
April 23rd Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-321
April 28th Denim Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-151
Third Monday of April Patriots Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-70
Last Thursday of April Take Our Daughters to Work Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-35
April's Commemorative Weeks
April 9th - April 15th New Jersey P.O.W.-M.I.A. Week of Remembrance N.J. Stat. § 36:2-84
Second full week of April Asperger’s Syndrome Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-167
Last full week of April Crime Victims’ Rights Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-163
April's Commemorative Month
  Alcohol Awareness for New Jersey Youth Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-178
  Child Abuse Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-30
  Donate Life Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-186
  Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-315
  Financial Literacy Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-390
  Jewish Heritage Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-109
  Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-63
  Sarcoidosis Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-258
  Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-329
  School Psychologists Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-78
  Sexual Assault Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-74
  Women's Wellness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-52
May's Commemorative Days
May 1st Law Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-6
May 7th Vietnam Veterans’ Remembrance Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-18
May 15th Peace Officers Memorial Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-50
May 15th Senior Citizen’s Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-33
May 24th Aviation Maintenance Technician Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-143
May 25th Children’s Memorial Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-40
First Sunday of May Loyal Heart Award Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-53
Second Monday of May New Jersey Economic Development Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-355
First Thursday of May A Day of Prayer in New Jersey N.J. Stat. § 36:2-34
Second Saturday preceding the
last Monday of May (Memorial Day)
New Jersey Shore Celebration Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-16
Third Sunday of May Police, Firemen and First Aid Recognition Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-10
Third Monday in May ALS Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-255
May's Commemorative Weeks
week beginning with the second Sunday of May Special Education Week N.J. Stat. § 18A:36-5
second week of May First Aid Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-26
second week of May Human Potential Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-55
second full week of May Long-Term Care Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-31
third week of May New Jersey Early Intervention Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-89
third full week of May Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-182
last week of May Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-137
May's Commemorative Month
  Adult Onset Disability Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-88
  ALS Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-255
  Asian Pacific American Heritage Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-196
  Asthma Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-301
  Brain Tumor Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-126
  Child Appreciation Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-68
  Civil War Veterans Recognition Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-379
  Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month P.L.2015, J.R.4, s.1; J.R.15, s.1.
  Displaced Homemakers Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-198
  Fibromyalgia Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-113
  General Aviation Appreciation Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-245
  Kindness Awareness Month in New Jersey N.J. Stat. § 36:2-54
  Lupus Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-180
  Lyme Disease Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-111
  Military Appreciation Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-234
May 25th-June 25th Missing Persons' Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-13
  Motorcycle Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-9
  New Jersey Eyeglass Recycling Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-101
  Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-289
  Small Business Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-361
  Women Veterans Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-32
May's Holidays
Second Sunday of May Mother’s Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-5
Last Monday in May Memorial Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
June's Commemorative Days
June 4 Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-331
June 7 Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-206
June 10th Lidice Memorial Day; designation N.J. Stat. § 36:1-11
June 10th Portugal Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-363
June 12th Women Veterans Appreciation Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-365
period between sundown and midnight
on National Flag Day (June 14th)
American Night N.J. Stat. § 52:3-8
June 14th
(Public Schools)
Flag Day P.L.1967, c.271 (18A:36-6)
Third Friday of June Juneteenth Day State Holiday
June 20 World Refugee Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-333
June 21 ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-303
June 27 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-295
Second Saturday of June Delaware Bay Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-37
Third Saturday of June Juneteenth Independence Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-80
June's Commemorative Weeks
First full week of June Garden Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-28
June 7th - June 14th American Flag Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-2
The week beginning on the third Monday in June Pollinator Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-240
Last full week of June Dairy Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-357
June's Commemorative Months
  Aphasia Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-169
  Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-226
  Men’s Health Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-190
  Native Plant Appreciation Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-281
  New Jersey Arts, Culture, History, and Tourism Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-236
  Prostate Cancer Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-36
June's Holidays
The third Sunday of June Father’s Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-6
July's Commemorative Days
The second Saturday of July Dominican Pride Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-235
July 27th Korean War Veterans' Day P.L.1991, c.221 (36:2-20)
July 30
(Flying flag at half-staff)
Corrections Officer Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-187
July's Commemorative Weeks
First full week of July Literacy Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-12
Last full week of July Buy Local Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-359
July's Commemorative Months
  Smart Irrigation Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-336
July's Holidays
July 4 Independence Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
August's Commemorative Days
August 16th National Airborne Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-62
Wednesday of the second week of August Assistance Animal Recognition Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-213
August 16 of each year Dominican Restoration Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-257
August 26th Women's Equality Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-27
August 26th Woman Police Officer of the Year Award N.J. Stat. § 36:2-27
August 29th Toms River East Little League World Champions Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-47
August 31st Overdose Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-394
August's Commemorative Weeks
First week in August Coast Guard Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-266
August's Commemorative Month
  Immunization Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-159
  Adult Vaccine Preventable Disease Awareness and Improvement Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-272
September's Commemorative Days
Sunday after Labor Day Grandparents' Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-15
Sunday before September 11th Freedom Walk Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-130
September 13th:
unless the day is on a weekend, then
Friday or Monday(Public Schools)
Commodore John Barry Day N.J. Stat. § 18A:36-10
September 20th Hispanic Journalist Pride Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-335
September 21st Evans Syndrome Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-313
Wednesday of third week of September Farmers Against Hunger Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-263
September 26th Mesothelioma Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-155
Third Thursday of September Food Waste Prevention Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-352
Third Friday of September Concussion Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-309
Third Friday of September New Jersey P.O.W.-M.I.A. Recognition Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-7
Third Sunday of September Puerto Rico Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-373
Fourth Friday of September Native American Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-41
Last Sunday of September Gold Star Mother’s Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-149
Last Sunday of September Parents of Fallen Military Sons and Daughters Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-65
September's Commemorative Weeks
September 17 through September 23 Constitution Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-307
Third full week of September Fall Prevention Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-161
Third week of September Go Gold for Kids with Cancer Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-287
Third full week of September Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-100
Third week in September New Jersey Gleaning Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-260
Last week of September Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week N.J. Stat. § 4:10-25.1
September's Commemorative Month
  Affordable Housing Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-291
  Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-344
September 15th - October 15th Hispanic Heritage Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-119
  Hunger Action Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-249
  Gold Star Mothers Appreciation Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-251
  Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-115
  Minority and Multicultural Health Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2‑73
  New Jersey Cares about Children with Cancer Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-60
  Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-135
  Pain Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-157
  Volunteer Blood Donor Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-103
  Youth Suicide Prevention Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-369
September's Holidays
First Monday in September Labor Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
October's Commemorative Days
October 2nd Firefighter Recognition Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-139
October 3rd Sergeant Dominick Pilla and Corporal Jamie Smith Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-339
October 6th Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-367
October 8th Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-375
October 20th Postpartum Depression Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-145
Third Thursday of October New Jersey Credit Union Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-69
Third Tuesday of October Rett Syndrome Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-90
October 31st UNICEF Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-72
October's Commemorative Weeks
Second week in October Obesity Care Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-384
Week beginning with the third
Monday of October
Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-247
week beginning with the
third Monday of October
(School Districts)
School Violence Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 18A:36-5.1
Third week in October New Jersey Careers in Utilities Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-276
third weekend in October for the
promotion of New Jersey oysters,
wine, and beer.
"Shuck, Sip, and Slurp Weekend" N.J. Stat. § 36:2-278
October's Commemorative Months
  Agent Orange Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-192
  Blindness Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-117
  Breast Cancer Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-86
  Disability Employment Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-340
  Disability History and Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-221
October 15th - November 14th Diwali Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-93
  Dyslexia Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-311
  Italian-American Heritage Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-141
  Linemen Appreciation Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-253
  National Dwarfism Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-215
  New Jersey Seafood Promotion Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-42
  Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-377
October's Holidays
Second Monday in October Columbus Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
November's Commemorative Days
November 9th – 10th Kristallnacht Memorial Night >N.J. Stat. § 36:1-13
November 10th Neuroendocrine Tumor Cancer Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-194
November 11th Armistice Day or Veterans’ Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
November 15th Patient Advocate Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-228
November 19th Night of Conversation N.J. Stat. § 36:2-283
November 20th Bill of Rights Day in New Jersey N.J. Stat. § 36:2-48
November 20th Transgender Day of Remembrance N.J. Stat. § 36:2-319
First Sunday of November New Jersey Retired Teachers Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-9
First Monday of November Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-24
Monday before Thanksgiving Day A Day in the Life - Type 1 Diabetes Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-342
Third Thursday in November Children’s Grief Awareness Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-241
November's Commemorative Weeks
November 14th through November 20th Transgender Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-317
Second full week in November Veterans’ Education Awareness Week N.J. Stat. § 36:2-238
November's Commemorative Month
  Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-24
  Children’s Product Safety Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-208
  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-217
  Epilepsy Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-75
  Food Pantry Donation Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-350
  Lung Cancer Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-82
  New Jersey Wine Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-128
  Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-107
  Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month P.L.2016, JR6
  Veterans’ Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-105
November's Holidays
November 11th Armistice Day or Veterans' Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
Fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday
December's Commemorative Days
December 7th Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
(Flying flag at half-staff)
N.J. Stat. § 36:2-57
December 12th Foster Children’s Day N.J. Stat. § 36:2-66
December's Commemorative Month
  Drunk Driving Awareness Month N.J. Stat. § 36:2-120
December's Holidays
December 25 Christmas Day N.J. Stat. § 36:1-1
State Holiday



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