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Department of State, Jersey Civic Engage

New Jersey Vote for Valor

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State
Vote for Valor event photo

Vote for Valor

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet veterans and service members of all backgrounds.  I am always in awe of their service.  I understand the sacrifice of their husbands, wives, partners, and families when they spend so much time away from home.

I—like millions of others who live under our flag—am forever indebted to our service members’ fearlessness and profound sense of duty.  They have risen to our aid when our nation has come under attack.  They run toward gunfire, not away from it.  They serve because it is an honor.

Our service members know all too well that the freedom we enjoy is secured on the backs of generations willing to fight for it.  One of the most critical ways of safeguarding our values and most sacred freedoms is through the ballot box.

That’s why I have launched ‘Vote for Valor’ to celebrate the folks who have served our country with distinction.  This way, all New Jerseyans can acknowledge our debt of gratitude to the patriots whose efforts have allowed our Republic to flourish.

Through the form below, please submit information relating to the veteran or active duty service member you would like to ‘dedicate’ your vote to.  My office will then be in touch with you to help you pay tribute.

Please feel free to share your stories and photos on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag   #VoteforValorNJ



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Veteran/Service Member Information

 I grant permission to the Secretary of State and her staff to post this dedication on the Secretary of State's website and/or other social media outlets.

 I grant permission to the Secretary of State and her staff to contact me in the future regarding my dedication.



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