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Department of State

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Secretary of State

Statutes & Rules

NJ State Museum

NJSA 18A:73-20 State Museum under control of New Jersey State Museum
NJSA 18A:73-20.2 Findings, declarations
NJSA 18A:73-20.3 New Jersey State Museum to collect Medals of Honor and related memorabilia



NJSA 18A:73-20 State museum under control of New Jersey State Museum

18A:73-20. The New Jersey State Museum, including all of its collections and exhibits, shall be under the control and management of the Division of the State Museum in the Department of State, established pursuant to section 2 of P.L.2015, c.81 (C.52:16A-113).

amended 1999, c.437, s.13; 2015, c.81, s.1.

NJSA 18A:73-20.2 Findings, declarations

The Legislature finds and declares that:

a. The Medal of Honor, instituted in 1861 for the Navy and in 1862 for the Army, is awarded by the Congress to members of the United States Armed Forces for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty, in action involving actual conflict with an opposing armed force."

b. Since this great honor was established, only 3,412 such medals have been awarded to deserving members of the armed forces for extremely heroic acts which typically involve suffering severe wounds or death, making this the highest decoration given by the United States Government.

c. Eight men from New Jersey received this outstanding honor for their conspicuous bravery in World War II, the Korean Conflict or the Vietnam Conflict.

d. It is fitting and proper that this State honor these exemplary men and keep alive for future generations of New Jersey residents the story of their heroic bravery.

L.1989, c.334, s.1.

NJSA 18A:73-20.3 New Jersey State Museum to collect Medals of Honor and related memorabilia

a. The New Jersey State Museum, in cooperation with the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs, shall develop and implement a program to collect Medals of Honor and appropriate memorabilia related to the awarding of the medals from those persons, or the relatives or friends of those persons, who have been awarded the medal since its establishment and who at one time resided or continue to reside in New Jersey.

b. The medals and memorabilia related to the awarding of the medals shall be collected from the owners of those materials on a voluntary basis.

c. The museum is directed to record, document and preserve the collection and to make it accessible through a long-term interpretive exhibition which will include portions of the collection shown on a rotating basis.

L.1989, c.334, s.2.



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