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War Memorial

NJSA 52:18A-212 Findings, declarations relative to the Trenton War Memorial
NJSA 52:18A-213 Title vested in State
NJSA 52:18A-214 Jurisdiction of the Department of the Treasury; Department of State
NJSA 52:18A-215 Funds; fees; uses
NJSA 52:18A-216 War Memorial Fund



NJSA 52:18A-212 Findings, declarations relative to the Trenton War Memorial

1. The Legislature finds and declares that the Trenton War Memorial building is a cultural, historic and artistic asset to the citizens of New Jersey and is used for activities, performances and official convocations by organizations, groups and public agencies from throughout the State. The promotion, operation, restoration and maintenance of the War Memorial building is, therefore, in the public interest of the State and the best means to achieve this end is by ownership and operation of the building and lands by the State. It is also in the public interest of the State that the use privileges accorded veterans' organizations to space within the facility prior to the effective date of P.L.2003, 149 will be continued.

The Legislature also finds and declares that the State will have the ability to present and promote programs of its own selection at the War Memorial building in order to make the facility's schedule of events moreresponsive to the interests of State, local and regional residents while not limiting use of the facility by New Jersey organizations, community groups and public agencies.

L.1988,c.116,s.1; amended 2003, c.149, s.1.

NJSA 52:18A-213. Title vested in State

2. Title or interest in any lands, buildings, facilities, furnishings or equipment heretofore acquired by, conveyed or transferred to, the Trenton and Mercer County Memorial Building Commission established pursuant to R.S.40:10-3 et seq., repealed, shall be vested in the State of New Jersey and, notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the State shall hold title or interest therein, and shall be the owner thereof.

L.1988,c.116,s.2; amended 2003, c.149, s.2.

NJSA 52:18A-214. Jurisdiction of the Department of the Treasury; Department of State

3. The Trenton War Memorial shall fall within the jurisdiction of the Department of the Treasury for the purposes of restoration, repair and maintenance of the facility, including the lands and improvements incident thereto. The Trenton War Memorial shall fall within the jurisdiction of the Department of State for purposes of operating the facility and promoting and presenting programs at the facility that will advance the cultural, artistic and ceremonial needs and interests of the citizens of the State, consistent with the Legislature's findings and declarations set forth in section 1 of P.L.1988, c.116 (C.52:18A-212). In the execution of their responsibilities, the Department of the Treasury and the Department of State, consistent with the scope of their respective jurisdictions, shall be empowered to contract with qualified entities, which may include, but not be limited to other departments, agencies or authorities of the State, independent contractors, nonprofit corporations, professional management firms, artists, performers, agents representing artists and performers, associated vendors and other individuals possessing expertise of the type necessary to assure the well-being of the facility and the accomplishment of the purposes and objectives set forth in P.L.1988, c.116 (C.52:18A-212 et seq.).

L.1988,c.116,s.3; amended 2003, c.149, s.3.

NJSA 52:18A-215. Funds; fees; uses

4. a. Any entity may, with the written authorization of the Secretary of State and written notice to the State Treasurer, solicit and raise funds and accept funds from any public or private source for any of the purposes and objectives set forth in P.L.1988, c.116 (C.52:18A-212 et seq.). The State or any political subdivision of the State may appropriate moneys to the Department of State or any other department, agency or authority for such purposes or objectives which may include otherwise eligible general obligation bond funds. Any entity authorized under P.L.1988, c.116 (C.52:18A-212 et seq.) to contract for the management of the facility may, with the written approval of the State Treasurer and the Secretary of State, levy fees or charges for the use of the facility.

b. All proceeds received by the Department of State from operation of the Trenton War Memorial and presentation of programs at the Trenton War Memorial, as well as all moneys received from fund-raising activities, donations, appropriations, or fees and charges shall be immediately deposited into the War Memorial Fund established by section 5 of P.L.1988, c.116 (C.52:18A-216), and disbursed for costs associated with any purpose or objective provided by P.L.1988, c.116 (C.52:18A-212 et seq.), including, but not limited to the presentation of other performing arts programs, performers' fees, advertising and promotion, equipment purchase and rental, stage workers, ushers, ticket takers and security, unless the State Treasurer provides for alternative treatment of those funds.

L.1988,c.116,s.4; amended 2003, c.149, s.4.

NJSA 52:18A-216. War Memorial Fund

There is created a War Memorial Fund in the custody and control of the State Treasurer which shall be the repository for all moneys required to be deposited therein. Moneys held in the fund shall be disbursed by the State Treasurer for the purposes provided by this act in the manner required by law. The State Treasurer may invest or reinvest any moneys in the fund, or any portion thereof, according to law, but any income from, interest on, or increment to moneys so invested shall remain in the fund. Investment of such funds shall be consistent with policies of the Division of Investment.

P.L. 1988, c. 116, s. 5.



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