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The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State

The New Jersey Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development (CHPRD) Announces Fiscal Year 2024 Grants to Hispanic Community-Based Organizations Totaling $3 Million

TRENTON, NJ – As we begin to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the New Jersey Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development (CHPRD) is thrilled to announce the awarding of $3 million in grants as part of its ongoing commitment to fostering growth, empowerment, and advancement within the Hispanic communities in New Jersey.

The grants awarded reflect the CHPRD’s recognition of the invaluable contributions of Hispanic community-based organizations in fostering social, economic, and cultural progress across the state. Through these grants, the Center aims to provide resources that will enable these organizations to further their impactful work and address the unique needs of the Hispanic communities.

"Supporting organizations that align with our vision for thriving communities cultivates growth, collaboration, opportunity, and inclusivity," stated Lieutenant Governor Tahesha Way, who oversees the CHPRD in her capacity as New Jersey Secretary of State. “These grants, totaling $3 million, target vital areas like Hispanic entrepreneurship, citizenship, workforce development, youth programs, community service, and health, aiming to empower and uplift New Jersey's diverse Hispanic communities.”

"Our Latino communities are a vibrant and integral part of our state's fabric that account about 22% of New Jersey’s population. These grants reflect Governor Phil Murphy’s vision of a fairer and stronger New Jersey," said Marelyn Rivera, Executive Director of the Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development. "We believe that by investing in these community-based organizations that share our vision for thriving communities, we are fostering an environment of growth, collaboration, opportunity, and inclusivity for all."

The funded projects encompass a wide range of areas, including:

  • Hispanic Entrepreneurship: Designed to develop and implement appropriate business education and mentorship services to Hispanic residents who have recently started a business, or assist those looking to create a new business.
  • Citizenship and Integration: Expands the availability of citizenship preparation services and provides opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate into the fabric of the American society
  • Workforce Development: Provides employment directed activities and services.
  • Youth Workforce Investment In-School and Out-of-School Program: Provides workforce experience services to at-risk youth.
  • Community Service: Promotes and encourages community service programs that are culturally competent and whose effective services address targeted areas.
  • Health and Wellness: Designed to assist families in crisis to improve the social and psychological needs to maximize the family’s well-being.

The grant recipients include a diverse group of organizations that have demonstrated a strong commitment to creating positive change within Hispanic communities. The CHPRD's selection process ensured that the grants are allocated to organizations that have a proven track record of effectiveness and a clear vision for the projects they intend to undertake.

About CHPRD:
The Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development (CHPRD), which is within the New Jersey Department of State, was established in 1975 to address the needs of the Hispanic communities. The Office was mandated to provide funding for Hispanic initiatives and administers an annual appropriation from the State of New Jersey. The CHPRD seeks to empower, provide financial support, and technical assistance to primarily Hispanic community-based organizations. The Center promotes a new model of community development that is focused on making REAL impacts in people’s lives while helping community-based organizations achieve greater self-sufficiency.


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