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The Hon. Tahesha Way, Secretary
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Awards & Prizes


The Richard J. Hughes Prize recognizes outstanding lifetime achievement in the field of New Jersey history. It is given to an individual in recognition of a series of contributions in the areas of scholarship, public history, conservation and preservation, and teaching.

The Richard P. McCormick Prize is given every other year (odd years) to the author of an outstanding scholarly book on New Jersey history published during the preceding two years. The award carries a prize of $1,500. In keeping with established scholarly standards, nominated works must be published by a publisher employing a rigorous peer review process. All works must include footnotes and bibliography.

The Alfred E. Driscoll Prize is an award of $1,500 to the author of an outstanding doctoral dissertation in New Jersey history. Nominations are being accepted for dissertations completed within the last two years (2015 or 2016). The award encourages and rewards outstanding scholarly research and publications in New Jersey history. Individuals may be nominated by others, or they may self-nominate.

The Mildred Barry Garvin Prize recognizes outstanding teaching of African American history.  The Prize is an award of $1,500 to a K-12 New Jersey teacher, guidance counselor, or school librarian for outstanding teaching of African American history, or for outstanding performance in a related activity (i.e., developing curriculum materials).

Awards of Recognition are given to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to New Jersey history in the following categories:

  • For multiple contributions made over time
  • For those who have had a positive impact on the ways in which audiences and/or communities are engaged in history
  • For scholarship, public service, conservation and preservation efforts, special events, and teaching
  • For helping to increase public awareness

Please note that this is not an award for the publication of a single book, or development of a particular exhibition or project.

Awards of Recognition Nominations:

  • Must be submitted on a nomination form
  • Must be submitted by a supporter; self-nomination is no longer accepted
  • Must include a brief statement of why the award should be given (1-2 pages)
  • Must include a brief vitae (3 pages maximum) noting major accomplishments
  • Nomination Form

Prize Submission Deadline Notification
Richard J. Hughes June 1, 2019 Fall 2019
Richard P. McCormick June 3, 2019 Fall 2019
Alfred E. Driscoll Available again in 2020 Fall 2020
Awards of Recognition June 1, 2019 Fall 2019
Mildred Barry Garvin June 1, 2019 Fall 2019

New Jersey Historical Commission Award Recipients

Every year the New Jersey Historical Commission honors individuals and organizations that make significant contributions to state history.

NJ Historical Commission Award Recipients



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