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Department of State

New Jersey Office of Faith Based Initiatives

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State

Freedom Schools


The New Jersey Office of Faith Based Initiatives Freedom School Project support NJ Freedom Schools certified as Children Defense Fund Freedom Schools. NJ Freedom Schools provide educational and character-building support to K-12 students and their families by implementing an intensive academic summer program as well as continuous follow up, homework, and tutoring services throughout the academic school year. Here's an overview of the key components and objectives of the NJ Freedom Schools program:

High-Quality Academic and Character-Building Enrichment:
The program offers a research-based and multicultural curriculum that focuses on academic enrichment. It aims to improve students' academic proficiency in reading, math, science; arts, technology and history while simultaneously nurture their character, helping them develop essential life skills.

Parent and Family Involvement:
The involvement of parents and families is crucial to the success of the program. It encourages active participation and engagement from families to support their children's educational journey.

Civic Engagement and Social Action:
The program seeks to instill in scholars a sense of civic responsibility and the importance of social action. It aims to empower students to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond, fostering a sense of activism and social awareness.

Intergenerational Servant Leadership Development:
The program emphasizes the development of leadership skills among young scholars. They learn the value of serving others and become role models in their communities, working to bridge generational gaps.

Nutrition, Health, and Mental Health:
The program recognizes the importance of physical and mental well-being. It provides support for nutrition, health, and mental health to ensure that scholars have the necessary resources and knowledge for a healthy and productive life.

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy:
The program incorporates culturally relevant teaching methods and materials to help scholars better understand themselves and their place in a diverse, multicultural society. This approach aims to foster an appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

Love of Reading and Summer Learning:
The program aims to instill a love for reading in scholars, providing them with high-quality books. Additionally, they aim to prevent summer learning loss, a common challenge for students during extended breaks, by offering educational activities and support during the summer months.



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