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The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State

Older Americans Who Volunteer are Healthier, Happier

Senior Corps Senior Corps


May is Older Americans Month, and national service programs like Senior Corps and AmeriCorps have many reasons to celebrate! Older Americans volunteer their time and skills to strengthen communities year-round, and this month is a chance to say thank you!

The White House issued a Presidential proclamation stating, “During Older Americans Month, we honor these Americans, we remember their countless contributions, and we proudly renew our abiding commitment to their well-being.”

This population helps carry out the mission and vision of nonprofits and organizations across the country. They improve the lives of those they serve and, it turns out, they improve their own lives too. Older adults who volunteer in Senior Corps reported improved health and happiness, including decreased social isolation and increased physical mobility.

Make time this month to connect with the older adults in your community. And when you do you do, remember to mention how they can benefit from serving. Check out our website to learn more about national service and Senior Corps health benefits.



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