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Department of State, Jersey Civic Engage

NJ Census 2020

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State
NJ Census 2020

NJ Friends & Family Census Outreach

We are launching the NJ Friends and Family Census Outreach Project. It’s very basic and built on the notion of a phone tree. And it’s easily done from the comfort of your home.

How does it work? – Ask at least five (5) friends, neighbors or family members to fill out their Census form. And then ask those who agree to call 5 of their friends and family members. And so on, and so on. The concept is in keeping with the idea that trusted voices will be the ones to convince others to fill out the Census. And who is more trusted than friends, neighbors or family members?

We’ve provided everything you need for to get started making calls. This toolkit includes a basic call script with information about what needs to be done to easily fill out the Census; why it’s safe and why it’s so important to a community’s residents and families. It also includes an online feedback form, which can be filled out anonymously, to tell us about our progress.

Printable Call Script in English Printable Call Script in Spanish
Printable Introduction Letter in English Printable Introduction Letter in Spanish


NJ Friends & Family Census Outreach Telephone Script

Hi____. This is________. I’m calling to see how you’re doing. I also want to let you know that I’m volunteering (if appropriate say the name of the community organization you’re helping or work for) to remind people who I know to fill out their Census.

Ask #1 – I’ve filled my Census. Have you had a chance to fill out yours?

If “Yes” – Great. Thanks. That will really help our community and our families.
If “No” – Are you planning to fill it out?

  • If “Yes” – Thank you. That’s great. Then - How are you going to fill it out – online, by phone or by mail?
    • Then -
      • To fill it out online just go to 2020CENSUS.GOV
      • To fill it out by phone call:
        • English: 844-330-2020
        • Spanish: 844-468-2020
      • By Mail: Fill out your form & mail it back.(the postage is free)
  • If “No” or “I’m not sure” – Ask “Why?” Listen for the reason and then use the information below in ‘Reasons to Fill It Out the Census’ to gently persuade.
    • Don’t push – just give the reasons why the Census is Safe, Easy & most of all Important
    • Then if they decide “Yes” - Great. Thanks. That will really help our community.
      • Then - How are you going to fill it out – online, by phone or by mail? (Use the directions above on how to fill it out)
    • If “Still Not Sure” – I understand. But please think about it. It will really help the community and our families

Ask #2 - (If “Yes” to filling out Census) – We are trying to get the word out to as many people in the community as possible to fill out the Census. I think that these calls to people we know are really important to help us get an accurate and complete count.
Can you help out by calling at least five (5) friends, family members or neighbors in the next few days to ask them to fill out the Census?

  • If “Yes” – Thank you very much. I’ll email you the information you need. Or you can go to Census.NJ.Gov and all of the information you need about the NJ Friends & Family Census Outreach will be there.

Thanks again for filling out your Census/Thank you for agreeing to help. It’s appreciated and it will make a difference.

When you’ve completed your calls it would be much appreciated if you take a minute to let us know how it went:

Reasons to Fill Out the Census & Why Others in the Community Are Doing It

  1. It’s safe and confidential. A federal law called Title 13 protects your personal data. Census Bureau employees take a lifetime oath, under severe penalty (5 years in jail & a $250,000 fine), never to disclose personal data. Only general statistics are used. Personal data cannot be disclosed ever to any government agency at any level. Not the police, not ICE – NOT ANYONE!
  2. It’s easy: There are 9 questions. It generally takes about 10 minutes to fill out online. Or you can fill it out over the phone or by mail.
  3. It’s Important: It’s very important to our community and our families in our community. Filling it out helps you and everyone else in our community.
    • Accurate Census data determines how many representatives we have – our voice and power in government.
    • Census data helps determine where more than $45 billion in federal funding is distributed each year for New Jersey. The more accurate the information the more dollars we all get. It includes funding for schools, hospitals, first responders, Medicare, Medicaid, school food programs, senior programs, childcare, roads & highways and much more. It also provides us important data that will help us plan, in an informed way, for any future health emergencies like COVID.
    • Filling it out helps you and everyone else in our community.

If someone says – “I thought the Census was over on April 1st” – Tell them that April 1st was Census Day, and it was just the beginning. Not the end. There’s still time to fill it out!



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