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Department of State

Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State
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About the Center

The Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development (CHPRD) was established in 1975 to address the needs of the Hispanic community, recognizing that it was imperative to pay particular attention to this segment of the population, which may have been historically neglected. The Office was mandated to provide funding for Hispanic initiatives in New Jersey. The CHPRD has a director and an advisory committee, all appointed with Governor approval. The Secretary of State serves as an ex-officio member of the advisory committee.

CHPRD administers an annual appropriation from the State of New Jersey. The CHPRD seeks to empower, provide financial support and technical assistance to primarily Hispanic community-based organizations throughout New Jersey and also ensures the executive and legislative branches are informed of legislative initiatives with potential impact on the Hispanic community. CHPRD seeks to aggressively promote a new model of community development that is focused on making REAL impacts in people’s lives while helping community based organizations achieve greater self-sufficiency.



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