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Department of State

Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Secretary

Grant Opportunities

Applicants can apply for a maximum of two (2) funding categories
New agencies applying for CHPRD funding can only apply for one (1) category

FY 2020 Application Handbook & Funding Guidelines

Registration Form Technical Assistance Session for Fiscal Year 2021 Grant Opportunities

Hispanic Entrepreneurship Category

Maximum amount that can be applied for is $65,000
Hispanic Entrepreneurship Assistance Program (HEAP)
– is designed to develop and implement Hispanic Entrepreneurship Assistance Programs. Funded agencies will serve as community HEAP Centers, providing entrepreneur development services to Hispanic residents who have recently started a business and in depth assistance to those looking to create a new business.

Citizenship and Integration Category

Maximum amount that can be applied for is $60,000
Citizenship and Integration Program
- The Citizenship and Integration Grant offers a salient opportunity for naturalization programs across New Jersey. Permitted organizations must promote civic integration through improved knowledge of English, U.S. history and civics, and properly prepare residents for naturalization. Prospective grantees must demonstrate a need for such services in their community and promote mutual benefits for newcomers that allows enhanced civic participation and improved economic mobility.

Workforce Development Category

Maximum amount that can be applied for is $60,000
Empowerment Centers for Workforce Development to Adults and Dislocated Workers Program
- This program will create and develop a comprehensive workforce development system that will engage the entire Hispanic community towards increasing levels of self-sufficiency.

Workforce Investment In-School and Out-of-School Youth Program Category

Maximum amount that can be applied for is $50,000
Workforce Investment In-School and Out-of-School Youth Program
- This program is designed to provide workforce development program services to at-risk youth between the ages of fourteen (14) and twenty-one (21) years of age who meet economically disadvantaged eligibility requirements established by the Workforce Investment Act, Title I. Programs will address specific issues facing New Jersey’s Hispanic youth. The work experience correlated to career goals must be present for each youth served.

Grantees under the Workforce Development Category must develop a strategic and mutually beneficial partnership with the local Workforce Investment Board (WIBs) in your respective County (For your region, for those applying for Empowerment Center funding).

Community Service Category

Maximum amount that can be applied for is $60,000
Community Service Programs
- This category promotes and encourages innovative community service programs that are culturally competent, whose effective services address the following target areas (known as program sub-categories).

Program Sub-Categories

  • Children at Risk
  • Prevent Health Risks and Disease
  • Senior Citizen Information and Referral Services
  • Mental Health Service

Become a Peer Reviewer

The CHPRD engages persons with expertise from various fields to read applications and provide an analysis and rating of the quality of each grant application based upon published selection criteria. The opinion of External Peer Reviewers and the final group consensus of the CHPRD’s Advisory Committee are considered by the CHPRD in making funding decisions and to provide feedback to applicants.

More about becoming a Peer Reviewer

Peer Review Application

Grant Awarded by CHPRD FY2020

Past Grants Awarded

Allies in Caring South - District 8
Atlantic County
Aspira North -District 29
Essex County
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson, Union Counties North -District
29 Essex County
Casa Prac, Inc South-District
1 Cumberland County
Community Affairs & Resource Center Central-District
11 Monmouth County
CURA North-District
29 Essex County
El Primer Paso North- District
25 Morris County
FOCUS North- District
29 Essex County
Greater Bergen Community Action North-District
37 Bergen County
HISPA Central-District 11
Mercer County
IACO, Immigration & American Citizenship Organization North-District
36 Passaic County
Institute of Music for Children North-District
20 Union County
International Rescue Committee North-District 20
Union County
La Casa De Don Pedro North- District
29 Essex County
Latin American Economic Development Association, Inc South-District 5
Camden County
Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund Central-District
15 Mercer County
Main St. Counseling North-District
27 Essex County
Puerto Rican Action Board Central-District
17 Middlesex County
Puerto Rican Action Committee of Southern NJ South-District
3 Salem County
Puerto Rican Association for Human Development Central-District
19 Middlesex County
Puerto Rican Unity for Progress South-District 5
Camden County
Rising Tide Capital North-District
31 Hudson County
Servicios Latino de Burlington South -District
8 Burlington County
Spanish Community Center South-District
1 Atlantic County
Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of NJ North-District
28 Essex County
Urban Workforce Advantage North-District
20 Union County
YCS, Inc. (Youth Consultation Services) North-District
33 Essex County


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