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Tahesha Way, Secretary of State

New Jersey Voter Information Portal

Department of State, Division of Elections

2023 Election Information


Page Last Updated: 06/02/23


General Election Information

Unofficial General Election Candidates
Unofficial General Election Candidates: State Senate 06/02/23 3:53 PM
Unofficial General Election Candidates: General Assembly 06/01/23 4:11 PM

Election Certifications

Certification by Secretary of State
The Secretary of State shall certify the names of the persons indorsed in the petitions filed in his office to the clerks of counties. In the case of candidates for offices other than federal office, the Secretary of State shall also transmit this information to the Election Law Enforcement Commission in the form and manner prescribed by the commission and shall notify the commission immediately upon the withdrawal of a petition of nomination. N.J.S.A. 19:23-21
Primary Election Certifications
Certification of Primary Election Nominees



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