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Planetarium Digital Projection System


Learn At The Museum

Learning Resources

Here you will find videos and guides you can use in the classroom, at home or in the Museum. Explore History, Art and Science in a variety of ways.


Episode 1:
How Do You Know Where To Dig?


Episode 2:
How Do You Know Where The Fossils Are?


Episode 3:
How Do You Know If It Is A Fossil?


Episode 4:
How Do We Dig Up Fossils?


Episode 5:
How Do We Dig Up the Bones?


Episode 6:
How Do We Get the Bones Back Safely?


Episode 7:
What Is Fossil Preparation?


Episode 8:
Which Dinosaur and Part of the Body Does that Fossil Belong To?


Episode 9:
What Did the Dinosaurs Look Like?


Episode 10:
Why Do We Look For Dinosaurs In Montana & Wyoming?



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