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Learn At The Museum

Field Trip Experiences

The New Jersey State Museum offers a variety of experiences to fit the needs of your group. Please see the 2020 - 2021 Field Trip Planning Guide for complete descriptions of all these programs.

Soar into space in our amazing Hi-Def Planetarium! The New Jersey State Museum's 140-seat Planetarium features precision projection of more than 6000 stars that transport the audience on an amazing astronomical experience.

All presentations include a live New Jersey sky talk.

Advance reservations and payment are required. Planetarium scheduled show times for September-June are 10:00 am, 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. In July and August they are 10:30 am, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Groups arriving in September-June will be able to pick their show. Groups arriving in July and August with have a choice of 3 pre-set public shows.

Planetarium shows begin promptly at the scheduled time; groups arriving late may miss their show. We are unable to issue refunds for late arrivals.

Length: Shows range from 25 to 45 minutes
Cost: $3 per person, including teachers and chaperones.
$5 per person, including leaders and chaperones, July-August.
Group Size: Our Planetarium seats 140 people; larger groups will be split into two or more shows. Minimum group size of 15 attendees.

Reservations and Information: Call 609-292-1382 or email

Designed around New Jersey’s curriculum standards, these hands on workshops connect to your classroom and deepen your student’s field trip experience. Advanced reservations and payment are required.

Length: 45 minutes
Cost: $3.00 per student
Group Size: 15-30 students per workshop session. Groups larger than 30 may be split to rotate through workshops and other activities.

Wide World of Weather (Grades K-4)
Explore Earth’s dynamic weather and climate patterns, projected onto our interactive Magic Planet, and experiment with an electrifying weather phenomenon!

Lenape Artistic Traditions (Grades 1-5)
Learn about the evolution of Delaware Lenape art and culture as they became “a much moved people” by examining artifacts in our galleries. After a discussion of influences in art and modern day native artists, students will express their own artistic selves through Lenape-inspired stamped baskets.

Digging For Dinosaurs (Grades 2-7)
Explore Earth’s geologic history through New Jersey’s extraordinary fossils! Students will understand how life and Earth have changed over time, and use fossil clues to rebuild a Cretaceous landscape from New Jersey 70 million years ago!

Hearth& Home (Grades 4-8)
Humans are among the most adaptable creatures on Earth, thriving in very different environments with different resources, climates, and dangers. Looking to the Lenape of New Jersey for inspiration, student teams will assess a North American ecosystem and build a unique, sustainable home model.

Earthquakes (Grades 4-10)
An earth science lab with an engineering twist! Digging into earthquakes and plate tectonics, student teams undertake an engineering design challenge to build and test prototype seismometers.

Created especially for preschool and kindergartners, our programs introduce science, history and art through creative play, crafts and storytelling. Advanced reservations and payment are required.

Length: 45 minutes
Cost: $2.00 per student
Group Size: 15-20 students per workshop session. Groups larger than 20 may be split up to rotate through workshops and other activities.

Dino Motion
What can we learn from a footprint? Discover how dinosaurs navigated through their environment as we combine art, imaginative play and real fossils. Your “herd” of young paleontologists will even create a life-sized dinosaur trackway!

Paint Me a Story
Art and storytelling go hand in hand! Children explore the Fine Art gallery and discover the stories that art can tell through color, themes and feelings. Children will end the session in the studio using real art materials and tools to paint their own unique story.

Stars & Shapes Forever
Introduce young children to our solar system! Meet our favorite star, Sol, and the planets that orbit around it through creative play, then make a stellar craft. Be sure to reserve one of our Planetarium shows to pair with this workshop (additional fees apply).

More in-depth than a gallery tour, our interactive assemblies focus on the sciences of Paleontology or Archaeology and the scientists working here at NJSM. Presentations and payment are adaptable to students in grades 3-12. Advanced reservations and payment are required.

Length: 45 minutes
Cost: $3.00 per student
Group Size: Perfect for large audiences! Groups of 25 or more will be accommodated in our auditorium. Minimum groups size 15 attendees.

Fossil Hunters in New Jersey
New Jersey abounds with fossils – its rocks represent 80 percent of the Earth’s history since life began! Paleontologist Dr. Dana Ehret shares exciting local discoveries, what fossils tell us about ancient ecosystems, and all of the challenges paleontologists face in this adventurous field.

People of the Past: Archaeology in New Jersey
How do artifacts help archaeologists understand the lives of prehistoric humans? Archaeologist Dr. Gregory Lattanzi leads this exploration of the unique artifacts, geography and environments of important New Jersey archaeological sites.

Guided tours explore New Jersey history, American art and artists, natural science or the Lenape in NJ. Tours are FREE, Advanced reservations are required. Minimum group size 15 students; groups larger than 25 students may be split to rotate through tours and other activities. Tours are approximately 30 minutes.

Perfect for large groups, choose from a variety of quality live theatre shows. We are committed to offering children a theatre experience that engages and inspires! Advanced reservations and payment are required.



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