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New Jersey State Museum

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State
Museum Updates:

NOTICE: In order to complete some electrical upgrades, the Museum will be closed as follows:
June 11 – The Museum’s 3rd floor will be closed, including galleries and restrooms.
June 14 – The entire Museum will be closed and will re-open regular hours on June 15.
We apologize for any inconvenience.


Learn At The Museum

In-Person Field Trip Experiences

NEW! 2023/2024 Field Trip Guide

Reservations are now being accepted for fall 2023 and spring 2024 trips. Group programs are available Tuesday-Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Groups of 15 or more may reserve tours, workshops and Planetarium shows, for descriptions of each see below.

Trenton Public Schools and Title 1 schools receive a 20% discount.

Lunch reservations are available for the lunch room at 225 West State Street, contact reservations at (609) 292-1382 or email for more information. Outside picnic tables are available without a reservation on a first-come basis.

Buses must drop off and pick up students at the main entrance (West State Street) and park in the Perry Street lot during the visit.

Plan to arrive at the main entrance 15 minutes before your first program so that students and chaperones can drop off all food and drink in bins provided and receive a Museum Welcome before heading off to reserved programs.

Please Note: All in-person programs are subject to change per COVID-19 health and safety regulations. We reserve the option to reschedule or cancel programs if we are unable to safely serve you.

Homeschool groups of 15 students or more are invited to schedule in person and virtual programs, tours and Planetarium shows.

Summer Camp Groups
2024 summer groups (July 9-September 6 2024) will choose from Planetarium public shows at 10:30, 11:30 and 1:30 and a simplified list of workshops options. Please ask about these options at the time of booking.

Virtual Field Trips
If you are looking to book a virtual experience for your students, you will find all of our programs and information at

Gallery Guides
Gallery guides are available for long-term exhibits. Learn more.


Our Planetarium features a fully upgraded Ultra-High Resolution 8K projection system, so your experience is sure to be out of this world!

From the ancient Maya to adventures on Mars, we have shows for all age groups and interests.

Show times are 10:00am, 11:00am and 1:00pm, Tuesday-Friday

Planetarium shows begin promptly at the scheduled time; groups arriving late may miss their show. We are unable to issue refunds for late arrivals

Length: Shows range from 25 to 45 minutes
Cost: $5 per person, including teachers and chaperones.
Group Size: Our Planetarium seats 140 people; larger groups will be split into two or more shows. Minimum group size of 15 attendees. The first group to book a show time chooses the show!

Reservations and Information: email

Examine real fossils, engineer a home, or learn about culture through time! Enhance your field trip with these hands-on experiences, designed around New Jersey's curriculum standards.

We offer workshops for a wide range of grades, from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. All workshops are 45 minutes long and are designed with New Jersey curriculum standards in mind. All workshops can accommodate groups of 15 – 25. Groups with a larger group size will be divided into multiple sessions. Groups of over 200 students cannot be accommodated on the same day but may be divided into multiple days if needed.

Reservations and Information: Email

Cost: $5.00 per student

Preschool/Early Elementary Workshops [Pre-K – 1st grade]
The New Jersey State Museum welcomes our youngest visitors with Small Explorers gallery guides specifically designed for them, age-appropriate Planetarium shows and guided programs focusing on exploring science, art and history through creative play, crafts and storytelling.

Paint Me a Story
Art and storytelling go hand in hand as we discover how the art on display tells stories and engages our minds and bodies. Explore color theory and learn to make colors to express yourself.

Dino Motion
Discover how dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles moved through their environments as we combine science and imaginative play. Learn about trackways and what they can tell us about ancient animals.

Planets on Parade
Meet our favorite star and the planets in our solar system. Learn the order of the planets and how they orbit around the Sun, then design your own special planet!

Elementary & Middle School Workshops [2nd – 8th grade]
Our elementary workshops are for second through fifth graders, and uses scaffolding and inquiry-based learning. These workshops build on topics throughout the museum, allowing a fully comprehensive visit for your group. We offer three elementary workshops focusing on seasons, archaeology, and paleontology.

Our late elementary and middle school workshops are for fourth through eight graders, builds on topics covered in previous workshops and throughout the museum, and introduces more complex concepts to develop critical thinking skills. We offer three middle school workshops that focus on paleontology, engineering, and climate change.

Lenape Culture [2 – 5 grade]
Explore Lenape cultural adaptation through the examination of ceramics from the Woodland Period to modern native artistic expressions. Students will practice archaeology in teams to create a pottery model for study. Each student will analyze data from a sherd to develop an artifact record.

Shifting Seasons [2 – 5 grade]
What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow? What about in six months? Join us to learn about the reason for the seasons and how we predict the weather.

Junior Paleontologist [2 – 8 grade]
Do you have what it takes to be a paleontologist? Explore the history of life on Earth through games and examine real fossils – some hundreds of millions of years old – by using the same skills that paleontologists have.

Hearth & Home [4 – 8 grade]
Looking to the Lenape for inspiration, student teams construct home models designed to combat the climate challenges of North American ecosystems.

Changing Coastlines [6 - 8 grade]
Using scientific data, explore how New Jersey coasts have changed throughout time and how they’re still changing today. Learn about the impacts of sea level rise and consider possible solutions for the future.

The New Jersey State Museum not only collects and preserves the story of New Jersey, we also actively participate in science every day!

Visit the Paleo Lab to take a peek at our latest fossil discoveries! Follow the progress of our scientists and volunteers, preparing fossil specimens from sites in New Jersey, Wyoming and Montana. We invite you to ask questions and observe their work. Open to the public every day, no reservation needed.

Scientist-led talks are 45 minutes with a Q&A session. Ask the Experts Live Science Talks are offered Tuesday-Friday. These talks are appropriate for students in grades 3-12. In person Ask the Experts talks can accommodate groups of up to 150 students. Minimum group size is 15.

Virtual options available - Zoom our expert into YOUR classroom! For better student participation, groups larger than 50 students may wish to split into multiple virtual sessions.

Reservations and Information: Email

Cost: $5 per student.

Fossil Exploration [K – 2/3 grades]
Learn about the fossils of New Jersey with Paleontologist Dr. Devra Hock-Reid and get a chance to interact with some real fossils.

Fossil Hunters of NJ [3 – 8 grades]
New Jersey abounds with fossils! Paleontologist Dr. Dana Ehret shares exciting fossil discoveries from throughout the state, what fossils tell us about ancient ecosystems, and the challenges paleontologists face in this adventurous field.

Our Place in Space [3 – 8 grades]
We’re all passengers on spaceship Earth! Learn about our place in the universe from astronomer Dr. Jacob Hamer, who will share how astronomers have discovered so much about planets, stars, galaxies, and more.

People of the Past [3 – 8 grades]
How do artifacts help archaeologists understand the lives of people in prehistoric and historic New Jersey? Archaeologist Dr. Gregory Lattanzi leads this exploration of the unique artifacts found here, and what they tell us about the lifestyle of people who lived in the state through time.

Career Talks: Paleontology [6 – 8 grades; high school]
What does it mean to be a paleontologist? Talk with Paleontologist Dr. Devra Hock-Reid about her path in paleontology and career options within the Earth Sciences and science education

Career Talks: Astronomy/Physics [6 – 8 grades; high school]
What do astronomers do when the stars aren’t out? Talk with Astrophysicist Dr. Jacob Hamer about what a day in the life of an astronomer looks like, and the path to careers in astronomy

The New Jersey State Museum offers students 4 floors of exhibits exploring the Natural and Cultural history of the State, Archaeology and the Lenape people and a remarkable Fine Art collection. Each long-term exhibit gallery offers printed guides for both pre-K and older students to explore on their own.

Groups may also choose to reserve a guided tour of a specific gallery, led by our expert docent corp. Groups larger than 30 students may be split into multiple tours. Minimum group size is 15 students. Cost: FREE, advanced reservations required.

Reservations and Information: Email



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